Paying tribute

My Asthma nurse has just left my local GP practice and she was fantastic. She had 20 years experience and what my mum says what she didn't know wasn't worth writing on a postage stamp.

I use to see her once a year for a check up with my mild asthma. Then 15 months ago my asthma got really bad starting with my first asthma attack and calling myself a paramedic. She got me back on my feet. Between her and my GP I was prescribed the right medication to get my asthma controlled. She always had time for me and the lots of questions I asked. I will miss her.

Today I would like to show that while we can get bad experiences when being treated for asthma there are good experience too. I thank God for the NHS. Does anyone else have a good story to tell to encourage us all.

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  • Here here there are some fantastic nurses and doctors we need to appreciate a bit more sorry you lost a good one maybe replacement will be good although not the same

  • Don't feel sorry for me. I was sad but am confident that the new one will be good. My surgery has joined up with two other doctor practices. She is from one of them. So my asthma review in two weeks time will be part getting to know you.

  • Glad you found a great asthma Nurse, the one at mine was awful. Nasty woman.

  • I saw mine today, not met her before and she was quite simply indifferent. I left feeling worse than when I went it.

  • Yes I know the feeling, the GP thinks she is great. Is there another one you can see. I haven't that option.

  • I'm not sure, I will check. I told her that I feel ill and she said that's nothing to do with your asthma. I'm just struggling with trying to improve my peak flow and control my allergies/hayfever and wheezing.

  • Are you on a steroid type spray for the hayfever? If not get one. Get referred to the asthma consultant, if you haven't already.

  • Thankyou for the advice

  • I am sorry to hear that you are not getting along with your asthma nurse. My new one is fine and helped me feel empowered with my treatment. She gave me a choice to step down my seretide to 150 or onto flixoide 250 which I was on April-august. My asthma is worse in autumn/winter. I have chosen to step down to flixoide when I finished my present inhaler. I going back end of august to go back on seretide for the autumn/winter Like I have done before.

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