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I went to see the surgery nurse yesterday as I thought I had a chest infection, fortunately my chest was really good, no infection, however I'm really struggling with taking deep breaths which cause me pain. She said that it's costochondritis. I've never heard of it before and was wondering if anyone else has had it if so how long does it last, it's really debilitating and the treatment is antinflametries which of course I can't take due to my asthma.

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Yes I've had it numerous times over the years. Its an inflammation of the intercostal connective tissues of the rib cage which is why it hurts so much to breath.

Mine last anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, with the longest being two months. I use heat packs, painkillers (Paracetamol generally helps take the edge off), gentle breathing exercises to stop myself gasping and also a TENS machine. I avoid the postures / exercises which aggravates it.

It's generally a self limiting condition so should get better on its own, but if it is impacting greatly on your life and doesn't start to get better after a couple of weeks then it might be worth going back to your GP to see if there is something else they can do.

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Hi. I have been struggling with costocondritis for three weeks and it's so painful and causes my chest to feel so tight and seems to irritate asthma. I have a tens machine - where do I put the pads for easing the costocondritis symptoms?

I've never suffered but have heard of it. I had to look at Wikipedia to seek out a good description.

May give you a clearer idea. Hope it clears up quickly and it doesn't get too painful.

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Thank you ON I was just about to google it. It sounds very nasty and I hope it clears up soon. x

Yes unfortunately I have had it, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it can take months to clear, mine did you might be lucky and it might heal quicker . I would contact your Doc's and ask what pain relief you can have as it an be excruciating, do as little as possible to help it heal so sorry you have this condition very very gentle hugs😘

Thanks .. was beginning to think I was making a fuss about nothing, it's so painful I'm taking paracetamol but it isn't really helping, the pain is radiating around all my ribs and it hurts to breath. I will give it a couple more days and if it's no better go back to the doctors. I did google it so I am able to relate the pain to it being this. Guess I shall just carry on resting!

Hi I had this condition twice first time pain so severe hospital thought I was having a heart attack both times cause unknown? reaction meditation or virus had aniflammatory meds can't take these now rest and cranial osteopath treatment nasty thing keep getting your asthma chest checked see gp regularly

Shassh....Me too.I was in so much agony I couldn`t breath in and out ,without needing to hold myself.It burns like crazy ,and hurts so bad I could cry!..Gp says not a FMS pain ,and put me on naproxen ,which I turned out to be allergic to.Yikes.2 weeks before I get in to see my dr again.Pain has returned with a vengeance.(Oh and my dr says it`s usually related to a virus ,or if someone you know has had one ,it`s how its` come out in you?)...Hence I thought it`d disappear as quickly as it appeared ,but not so.Only heat helps a little.I spend most days and nights ,well propped up and hugging a hot/water/bottle...Best of luck ,hope you find some relief..x

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