I wrote on here yesterday for advice about fostair. I have since spoken to a asthma nurse and the extra doses between the am and pm is because my asthma is not controlled. she adviced me to get a aerochamber plus and assess my peak flow over the weekend as either im not getting enough medicine or its not controled. if no better to go doctors for some more oral steriods. Only been a few weeks since the last lot.

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  • Hi Andy, I used to have Fostair a few years ago I could take it up to 8 times a day so I wouldn't worry it is not too strong. Yes the aerochamber plus is a definite, normally you can get a prescription for it. I use it a lot, with all my inhalers. It is very useful.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi. yes I got it on prescription just picked it up so I will give it a try in a sec. It has a face mask on this one weather that makes a difference. will see. x

  • I find that the face mask is better you know your taking meds properly.

  • Good!! no face mask for me..don't like the product on my skin..make sure you have a good rinse afterwards..x

  • I'm currently on the Fostair 200 Inhaler and have recently been told by my Asthma Clinic that 4 Puffs a day (at that strength) is the maximum and that I should not take more than that per day, but could use my Ventolin Inhaler in addition to the Fostair.

  • my fostair is 100/6 2 puffs am and pm then up to 4 extra. If im still struggling to use the reliever. spoke to the nurse yesterday she said its called the mart regime.

  • Hi there

    I'm taking Fostair as a reliever and preventer - I have been told to take 1 puff in the am and 1 at night. I can then take a further 6 puffs in any 24 hour period if I need to use it as a reliever. I have been using Fostair since January but am not convinced it's right for me as I often feel very heavy cheated (hay fever?) and my lungs/chest feel very tender. I use a spacer, which helps to prevent getting a sore throat.

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