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Here we go again

Well just had two days in local hospital. Not so good since Friday but tried to manage and actually felt better Sunday night. Monday morning hell with PF under 60% so calm to my transportation ( ambulance) and back to resus. So busy but got what I needed then round to admissions. Was feeling better then had anaphylaxis! Never a dull moment. Thank goodness things picked up then, really couldn't with all the steroid and other support! Got a viral chest infection which is good given my issues with medication and allergies.

Feeling better now but still SOB and having to nebulise at home. Hope in for good sleep tonight (for me) and to hoe getting better.

Just having to be patient bit my best trait.

Hope you are all surviving 🤞🏻

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Sending you massive hugs - but gentle as you are asthmatic!

So sorry to hear about your issues and the anaphylaxis! What caused that?

Hugs, x


It was probably a reaction to being unwell. First in a few months so not too bothered

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