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Hi there I was wondering why the doctor put me on prednisolone 5mg steroid tablets for what it meant to do I got take 5 a day and she gave me amoxicillin 3 times a day I went in there complaining could hardly breath when I sitting and walking around don't no why is my asthma got worst and when do I have to go on oxygen does she have to put me on oxygen

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  • Hi I went to doctor today about my breathing and got put on prednisolone 5mg but have to take 6 in one go each day. He said it will help improve my breathing. Asthma got worse as result of a bad cold so need steriods to give a extra boost. you shouldn't need oxygen if ur inhalers and steriods does its job.

    Hopefully ur breathing gets better soon.

  • I got changed to a relvra ellipta 92/22mg strength pump will the pocket nebulizer harm me if I take some every now and then to help my breathing bit more as it bad every now then

  • It said on internet it ok for people with asthma

  • Hi, I've come back from the doctor tonight with exactly the same prescription as you! I went because my really bad cold has gone to my chest and made my breathing difficult. I've been told to take 8 5mg prednisolene for five days. I've also been told that if it gets worse to call 999 for an ambulance! My problem is that I'm really wary of prednisolene - so many bad reviews and side effects!

  • I think because we only on it for a short time the side effects are not so bad. The benifits out way the effects. I hope so anyway

  • What u mean trying find out if it ok for me to use portable nebulizer with asthma

  • Wouldn't you need prescription medicine to go in your nebuliser anyway? Steroid tablets are the main way of getting asthma problems fixed in general. Nebulisers help during attacks if your blue inhaler fails :)

  • I was told that nebuliser needs used under supervisio of doctor. Since patients may not realise how ill they actually are thereforw need monitoring. Read on thorasic guideliines for use of nebulisers. I wanted to buy nebuliser but my gp says no advised me if need neb see gp .

  • 6 Days in hospital and 40mg of Prednisolone for 15 days then reducing by 5mg a week now down to 20 mg I was about to die I had a very high level of white blood cells 'eosinophilia' could not breath coughing so bad thought I might die! Not had many side affects and I am almost back to normal

    I believe our bodys make steroids naturally the prednisolone is extra of the same in addition.

    I would recommend take them they worked really well and have sorted out other inflammation related pain in my shoulder joint as well although I am told this may not last.

  • Hi, I'm so sorry for you and your hospital stay, it sounds as though you're on the mend now. I know what you mean about coughing and not being able to breath, you think you're going to die, my ribs and stomach are so sore I dread having another coughing fit. I've taken my first dose of prednisolone this morning plus the antibiotic, I just hope it takes effect quickly. I've been told to take a five day course of 8 5mg, will it be ok to take them for 5 days and then just stop? All the literature I've read says reduce the dose gradually.

  • Hi,

    my information is that taking 40mg prednisolone would alleviate the breathing problems but if I was to stop then my particular problem would immediately return and I believe that there can be withdrawal problems so to prevent either a 5 mg reduction per week is being followed and my bloods are being checked to make sure the eosinophilia levels are still normal and hopefully I will be able to regulate with the symbicote inhaler 200/6

    I have an appointment 1-2 weeks after I have finished the Prednisolone to check bloods again and to get results of additional allergy tests such as one for Dogs etc

    I would definitely take your doctors advice on stopping the Prednisolone and I would not worry to much about adverse reactions as I have found that reading instructions for any medicines lists so many possibility that its a wonder we take any drugs at all.

    Reality if you were to have a reaction then I would deal with that if and when but not look to deeply until it actually happens to you.

  • Thank you SpaldingSparks, I really appreciate your help, you've put it into perspective for me. I hope your bloods remain normal in a fortnight.

  • What treatment do u normally take for enosinophillic asthma. Since i was told i hav this? Just want tp know more about emosinophillic asthma. Thanks.

  • What emosinophillic asthma

  • Too many white cells in airways i think

  • I got normal asthma as far as i no but my throat hurt so much hard to swallow chest Pain doc Said i fine as my Oxygen levels was fine

  • What a high heart rate as last night after my food my heart rate was 116 then after few minutes it was 113 now today it was 108 Is that right what should I do should I write out a diary of my heart rates to show my nurse or doctor who deals with them as it going up and down like mad and my heart rate in my head

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