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And it's rearing its ugly head again

Hope you all had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2017.

Been a bit wheezey since just before Christmas

Stupidly thought I could fight it off. Didn't work.

Ended up having to going to a and e yesterday. They were lovely. Very thorough and checked everything thoroughly.

So another course of steroids, and feeling tired and sore. Have to see GP today for follow up. Not the best start to the new year. Trying to be positive though. Mission for today is to take decorations down, but have to do it in little stages.


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Hope you feel better soon Dizzy. Take care xx


I'm glad you got the help you needed.

Like you I'm still recovering from a really nasty chest infection- I was gurgling every time I breathed and coughing like crazy simply talking so it was a very quiet Christmas! It was rather scary though and rather exhausting- I took the Christmas tree down today and now feel like a piece of chewed string!

Hope you soon recover and that the rest of 2017 finds you in better health ☺


I'm with you. I've done exactly the same so back on steroids and antibiotics again with a firm resolve to catch things earlier again....I'm 65 and have been an Asthmatic for over 3yrs it's pants. Really hope you get well soon and have a happy and healthy 2017 x


Sorry that should say 30 years not 3 years!!


Hi Rosalind I gave had Asthma 30 years and I agree, there seems to be a nasty bug going round I was infected Christmas Eve and saw Dr. yesterday on Steroids and Doxycycline. Using nebuliser Ventolin ×4 daily and starting to feel better now I can sleep. Take care and don't overdo it for a while besides it is not good weather just now. Angie

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