My best Christmas present ever

My son gave me a huge surprise for Christmas 🎄 A Vax air purifier!! I was amazed. I think he was feeling concerned for me, with my more and more frequent asthma exacerbations. I didn't know whether it would actually help after all his trouble and expense, so was ready for disappointment really. However, it works like a dream!!! Early days but I might have my life back. I'll let you all know. For three nights now, I've gone to bed after sitting with it switched on three or four hours or more, feeling like I've had a walk in the Alps, the air is so fresh! I was just pulling out of a chest infection, with usual antib's and prednisone. Meds finished Christmas Day but doesn't always stop there. Use of reliever inhaler had reduced to one a day. But since starting using the air purifier, no rescue meds at all. Amazed! On the third night, I even felt I could risk taking one of my three pillows away, and I woke almost fine. Just a little of the usual wake-up settle-down but next to nothing. Long may it last. Fingers crossed!! Ps there's a good price at, for my Vax AP02 in case you're tempted. No need to spend on the expensive Dyson version.....this one works! Happy and healthy New Year, everyone 💕

3 Replies

  • I'm thrilled that your air purifier is helping you. 😃

  • So pleased you've found something that works, I must look into one.

  • That's great!! I will look into it. Heating dries me out.

    Take care xx

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