Hi everyone.

Following a methacholine test last week I was told that my asthma appears to be under control, but as I'm still coughing/ wheezing and hoarse they are doing a bronchoscopy at the beginning of January to see what the cause is. I was just wondering if anyone has had this procedure and if so, how did you cope with it? 😕 Hope you have a lovely Christmas ☺

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  • Hi, I'm the same re coughing and wheezing. Having one in new yr. no idea about it either x

  • Hi Flossie,

    I've had 3 Bronchoscopies at various times. Actually they're not too bad. I had to take oral steroids for 3 days before hand, then you have the procedure under sort of awake sedation sitting bolt upright in an endoscopy suite, which is a bit like an operating theatre but with lots of hi-tech equipment. Sometimes you remember a bit afterwards, i.e. you get to see your lungs on a tv screen. But really the only bad bit is when they spray your throat and you get the tube put down your lungs. However even that is not bad. Afterwards they let you sleep for a bit, then you are sent home if your stats are okay. If there is any kind of problem they will admit you for the night. So take some overnight stuff with you, or have a friend bring it in. They will not let you leave the hospital without someone picking you up. I personally felt pretty bad, sore for a few days afterwards and just pretty rotten. They will take a look for re-modeling of the lungs, and they may take a biopsy if necessary or a Microphage wash, which is to look at cells in your lungs. However all of that should be explained to you. I would say, plan to take it easy the next day, i.e. take the next day off school, work, college etc.

    The best part of the whole thing is the pre-sedation which is really pretty wacky. And all the doctors just said enjoy!!

    Its a good idea to take an iPod/ phone and headphones so you have some music to listen too. You will be in hospital most of a day.

  • Thanks Risabel for your very helpful and practical advice ☺ Olivia, I trust your procedure goes well xx

  • Hi Flossie, you take care and have a good rest xx

  • Sorry I didn't reply sooner- I haven't checked my emails recently! Hope you're ok ☺ xx

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