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Hi all ive had a constant struggle to control my asthma for the last 12 months after my asthma nurse changed me from flutiform to a duo resp, its never been the best controlled asthma but this really exaccerbated it. a couple of month ago i saw a different nurse practitioner, they are more helpful than our drs who said as my sinuses were blocked and i was always coughing i could have post nasal drip webmd.com/allergies/postnas... id not heard of this but after googling it made sense, she recomeded abeconase nasal spray,. this didnt help much so then she prescribed avamys which also cntains fluticasone, it took a few weeks to notice the diffence but gradually the cough became less, its still there but not as bad, the mucus is definitely less and the bonus is because of all the mucus in the past all my sinuses had become blocked, I now have my sense of smell back and can taste food, Drs and asthma nurse hadnt picked up on this but im so glad the nurse practioner did, it has taken 12 months to get anywhere close to controlling my asthma but we finally seem to be getting there

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  • Hi - I'm pleased that you have got somewhere and now have a better control of your asthma. It took me all of last year to get under control and it was mainly due to the fact that my hay fever/allergies were not under control. I've found that dust, tree and grass pollen are my main culprits and so now when I Hoover I wear a mask -although it's not attractive it seems to help and at least I can breathe after. 😉 When I dust I use Method brand polish which isn't a spray and it pretty much dampens any particles. I also use the same brand for floor polish on my wood floors. During the high season for pollen I up my use of nose sprays and it's been a while since I've had an excaberation.

    This forum has helped me tons-giving me ideas and suggestions which when you're first diagnosed you are really not sure how to deal with it (mine was late onset) . I think everyone has experienced good and bad with the doctors and nurses and at least when I went in to see them, this forum had given me so much information so I could at least argue my case for certain medications which have helped me immeasurably. I'm so pleased you are feeling better xx


  • ive had asthma since i was a kid, and for last 20yr or so its never been the best controlled but not been too bad either, but everytime they try to change my meds i relapse, thankfully over the worst now. this forum is a mine of information and definitley helps to argue the case, hope your doing well x

  • Hi there, thanks for mentioning Avamys, good to know about.

    Have you seen the recent post about Duo Resp (vs. symbicort)? Some people have problems with the particular formulation/additives in duo resp. but get on fine with the same active chemicals when in symbicort.

  • hi yeah ive seen a lost struggling with the duo resp, sadly think drs are having to downgrade everyones meds to keep within budgets, short term gains but long term loss as im now on more meds which cost more and mine still cheaper than most as i suffer rather than taking myself to hospital, hope your doin well x

  • I am glad you have the right treatment now. Take care xx

  • I read about Avymys on this forum many years ago and persuaded my son's GP to prescribe it for him for his awful rhinitis. It really helped and he is still on it. For myself, I was changed from Seretide to Flutiform but didn't find it helpful. A cost cutting exercise I understand.

  • Sorry, I meant Avamys.

  • That's very positive news. Hope you keep going from strength to strength. X

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