Since Friday I've had a bad cold( feels like flu) .just spent two days in bed,I'm asthmatic and have good control. I use a lilac inhaler twice a day and very rarely a blue one, although this has increased in the last couple of days. I'm drinking plenty of fluids but eating is giving me acid indigestion and because I'm constantly wheezing ,eating making me feel a bit sick .although I've felt better today ,I'm currently sat downstairs with a hot drink and two paracetamol, I'm wheezing and my breath is shallow and catching ,I can hear my chest crackle on a in breath and I ache all over. Will it just pass or do I seek medical help,perplex!!?

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  • I would make an appointment with up your my have a chest infection get well soon.xc

  • Fortunately my asthma is well controlled but in the past any viral illness such as a cold caused my asthma to become much worse. On one occasion I needed IV steroids. I would suggest , as the previous reply, seeing your GP . They can decide if you need additional medication in the short term.

  • I have never heard of a lilac I had been on a brown one but still have my blue inhaler and if I am feeling wheezy I take it. In your case I would defiantly contact your gp.

  • Thanks tobie, of to doc's today ,although feeling much better.

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