Gosh I never thought for a minute I would have all these replies when I looked at my my Post today. Thank you so much. The first thing I did was to phone to make an appointment, hopefully before the 16th December {usual GP] However asked for the GP who was the one who gave the result after reading the spiromitry test the Sister in the Practice carried out. However, that would have been for the 13th December which I thought I might as well go to the appointment on the 16th. By the way my GP Is Head of the Practice. Anyway I have taken an appointment for tomorrow with a Doctor I have never met. I will be trying to push him to arrange for an ex-ray but up to now I have been told it is such a long waiting list. I live in a Town not a City which I suspect will have more facilities, but already I could have been on the list for a year but he might give me a prescription for something different or a least be able to give me a different opinion. Mind you I have a feeling that they all stick together. I am so glad that the Sister of the practice after doing my peak flow of 280 arranged a spirometry test or I would have been no further on. As far as smoking - I have never smoked as I was so ill as a child before the inhalers but I was secretary in a car repair business- which thinking back now was a good job but maybe not so good for my lungs also my Father was a smoker and there was a lot of public smoking. I have a notebook in front of me writing down of the points you have made to bring up tomorrow. Thank-you again and I hope it me be that with the right treatment my spiro test reading might be different but it is always time. Let you all know how I get on tomorrow x

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  • Good luck with it all. Remember - be proactive and don't let them get away with anything! x

  • well I am glad it was useful, keep on at them until you get results. Take care xx

  • Good luck, I hope it goes well.

  • Good for you! I agree with coughalot and happylondon, when you have a serious chronic condition you have to learn to fight your own corner and if you're not fit to do that your nearest and dearest must do it for you. Best of luck tomorrow.😊 Bronagh

  • Don't you have a walk-in Xray facility as long as your GP has made a request?

  • Hi everyone who has wished me good luck it must have helped. Saw a different Doctor today and the result of that is, after giving me a thorough examination, the best in year, listening to my heart, sounding my chest, blood pressure and peak flow which is 280. I have to go next Tuesday for Bloods and ECG. He is also writing a letter to the ex ray department which I have to pick up on Friday and as I do voluntary work at the hospital on a Saturday I will be able to take it myself and hopefully get it done soon. The Dr I saw today was completely different, but I didn't get any different treatment, till the test results come back and he told me to see my usual Dr. on the 16th. As he says we have to start somewhere but at least I believe we are a long way further on. Hope you are all will and not having to battle on. Will keep you posted after the 16th.

  • Delighted for you! That's what should have happened first time round, I think I'd be sticking with that Dr from now on!! Maybe you should put this up as a new post so the others can see it, I just happened to click in here by chance.

  • Thank You Bronagh2015 I'll let you know how things are with me after the tests are carried out. If you live in Scotland I hope all this Frost Weather is ok for you and that you are well. x

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