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Just thought I'd pop by and say hi to everyone c how everyone's doing I been to hospital to ruh for physio on my arm and been discharged just hope the other hospital next week says the same going to keep the book open for a bit in case o need them , off rbh London on6th December for my hydrocortisone iv for 7 days and on theb19th got my second cateract op so near Xmas as well , well hope everyone doing ok have a good day and take care x

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It's great to hear from you Tracey, I've been wondering how you are.

I hope everything goes ok at RBH on 6 December.

I might see you there because I'm due to be admitted to RBH on 7 December and I've been told I'll be there 3 weeks.


Oh cool let me know we can meet at last that would b great x


Yes I'll let you know

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