Moving to Leeds or Birmingham

Moving to Leeds or Birmingham

Hello everybody,

I hope Autumn is not giving you all a hell of a time with wind, fallen leaves, and rain that only look good on poem books.

I intend to move to either Leeds or Birmingham the next two weeks and was wondering which one could be better for my --our-- asthma treatment. One might think there is more pollution in Birmingham but watching the pollution map on this same site it appears to be Leeds (?); also, according to wind and rain theoretically is Leeds as well but, once again, having a look at the pollution maps it varies.

I know there are other matters to be taken into account such as accomodation, food-shopping, bills, etc. Theoretically Birmingham is more expensive than Leeds.

Could anybody provide me with wisdom enough before Santa Claus catches me hanging up from a cliff of desperation, please? ;-p.

Love to you all.

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  • When I was sent to work in Birmingham, I was concerned as to the effect to my asthma, twenty years later I am still here. There are no smoking chimneys, or industrial pollution to be concerned about, I can't speak for Leeds, but the days of smog and chimneys belching smoke have long gone. When people wax lyrical about steam engines I remind them of the pollution.

  • Thank you for your reply. I am very glad that twenty years later you are still there, as to the 'smoking lyrics', they only look good on poem books ;-). Peace and joy.

  • Hi, I live 20 miles (ish) from Leeds and have no problems when spending a day there, but within hours of visiting London I was struggling. So on that basis I would say Leeds would be ok 👍

  • Thank you. Yes, this is what happens with big capital cities. Enjoy your days.

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