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Asthma- Small Airways Disease Diagnosis

Hi, new on here had asthma over 40 years (I'm 46) but have just been diagnosed with small airway disease (asthma) after HRCT & spirometry. Not heard of this before but Dr said it is as subtype of asthma that they are only just discovering and that is more difficult to treat.

I've been prescribed Fostair to replace Seretide but this has caused constant coughing fits and now a big attack so I've had to stop.

I struggle a lot with tight chest/ breathlessness/tiredness despite multiple meds and long courses of prednisolone. Does anyone know anything about this or been diagnosed with it?


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Based on what I read I might be one of those as well. Do you happen to know where in your spirometry this was determined? One thing I notice is that coarse powdery inhalers don't work for me. Yes, I cough as well, but apart from that the powder doesn't seem to go deep enough.

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Hi, Yes, I think it's something they're just finding out about and is often associated with a lot of coughing. On spirometry it is the breathing FEV 25-75 I think they said but mine was diagnosed aswell through a hi res CT scan which is pretty standard now and is worth having. Are you referred to an asthma clinic?


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