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Using aero chambers care and use

I have three aero chambers to use with my inhalers. I have now two different inhalers severent and flixotide. As well as ventolin for relief inhaler.

I always keep 2 with ventolin inhalers one in my hand bag and one in my rucksack. One for my preventer flixotide which i kept for that just one.

Now i have two daily inhalers is it ok to use one aero chamber space for both two inhalers or would it be good to use a seperate one for each inhaler? Lastly I need reminding on how to clean them.

Thoughts please

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I use the same aero chamber for both inhalers and wash them every week in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly - use clean water. I keep my inhalers and aerochamber in a sealed plastic bag and then use a small toilet bag to keep them all together for the ones I use at home for the spare inhalers I keep in my handbag I use a larger sealed plastic bag.

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I agree with previous reply. I use same chamber and just wash out. I don't do mine weekly just monthly. Remember to drip dry, drying with a cloth increases static and medicines stick to it and you don't get full dose.

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I just use one for both inhalers ....and should really wash it more often but usually find I need it the minute I wash it 😣


I use an aero chamber with 3 different Inhalers. my Asthma Nurse at the hospital said it was ok to use the aero chamber with different Inhalers.

I was told to wash my aero chamber in warm water and let it air dry. Try to do it weewkly or at least once a month.

Hope this helps!


Hi all thats exactly the information i needed. I had notice some missing of my aero chambers. Wash and dtied yesterday. Now much better. Thankyou Have a peaceful aunday


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