Help punched in chest by someone close but need help

Hi my names Kristi a I'm 21 years old in Friday night I was punched really hard in the chest and for an hour after I was bit chesty but its still very painful I went to a & e yesterday and they just sent me to the walk in centre and all they said is that my chest bones are inflamed and soft tissue is swollen and that was when I was finding it hard to breathe I told them I have asthma and they told me to talk paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time but today I've been really chesty finding it hard to breathe and finding it hard to swallow thing and the paracetamol and ibuprofen isn't touching it today can I have some advice and can I also ask if anyone on here know of any anti- inflammatory painkillers that won't affect my asthma I just don't want to turn up at a & e today.

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  • I'd go back to A&E if I was you and explain you are asthmatic and struggling to breathe, and the prescribed medication is going to make things worse.

    It could be costochondritis which is inflammation of the intercostal muscles but if you are chesty its better to be safe than sorry.

  • Okay thank you I will try and get back to a&e and also is costochondritis dangerous

  • no its not dangerous just extremely painful and uncomfortable.

  • Thanks

  • EXTREMELY painful. Bending and lifting not good and getting comfortable lying down is an art! Ibrugel is helpful and it will eventually go. (warnings to asthmatics on the package but GP reassured).

  • I'm not sure they should have prescribed's notoriously risky for asthmatics. Maybe try something like anadin extra?

    Anyway, I suffered a fractured rib once & my breathing was lousy for weeks...the pressure from the pain can cause gunk to build up as you can't always clear the lungs properly.

    I hope you feel better soon anyway!

  • OK thank you they give me ibuprofen cause my asthma contrroled at the moment and if anadin extra OK for Asthmatics

  • Anadin can be a risk, but ibuprofen is generally contraindicated for asthma.

  • Hi, I don't have anything to add to the medical stuff, I just wanted to say get this person out of your life. Nobody should be punching you or abusing you in any other way. I hope you are away from them already. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank and it was my little sister who has autism who did it she twelve but pretty heavy handed and I woke up again today and it's still really sore I'm gunna go pharmacy at sometime today see if they can recommended anything for me if not I'll have to go back to a&e because I'm really worried now

  • Sorry, that makes things much harder for you. Has anyone done a risk assessment? If she is hurting you perhaps the family need a bit of extra help?

  • No she did it because I had a argument with her and when she only just found out she had autism by me having an argument with the my NAN.

  • And the support is already in place

  • Right as you know me all i pray for your recovery for help with your family for peace for your mind the knowhow to know where to go for help and courage to do so. Plus gentle hug my chest is sore too so in the same sort of area. Ibrofen taken not effective next hot water bottle perhaps you and me.

  • I think you just have to accept that you are very bruised and the pain, like a cracked rib, will go away. You seem to be panicky about it and there is no need. It is probably not going to affect your asthma unless yours is brought on by stress. It is a horrible nuisance - I had a similar thing years ago, but it will heal up eventually. Controlling your sister might be more stressful than a bruised chest; you have enough to deal with.

  • Thank you everyone the nurse at walk in centre give me some co codamol for the pain and naproxen for the swelling I'm just hoping the naproxen agrees with me. I had co codamol in past and I'm panicky I will admit I also suffer from anxiety but nurse today said that I'm very tender on my chest and ribs but I don't understand my ribs as she didn't punch me there?

  • Glad you got more help and medication. Heat could help your sore chest. Currently nursing my sore chest with a disposable heat pad 12 hours of consant heat. Soreness still there a bit but the constant high level of soreness its

    breaking through the pain.

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