Can asthma come back after being gone for years?

Hi there. I'll keep this short. From the week I was born I got pneumonia. Then a few months after that and then a couple more times before I was 3. I then got bronchitis every single winter until I turned 13. I then was fine and got bronchitis again a few years back (I am 24 now)

When I was a kid my dr told me I'd develop asthma. I have such horrible allergies I saw an allergist and asthma specialist. She diagnosed me with asthma when I was probably 15. I was on Singulair medication for years until I stopped taking it a few years ago.

I have been having a tight chest and shortness of breath ONLY happening past 10pm or so. I'm fine during the day. But like tonight I'm just trying to remain calm. I have struggled not often though but struggled for a few months like this. I have no inhaler as I threw it away years back anyway.

I'm just trying to figure out if it's asthma coming back... I never really noticed asthma although my dr told me I had it and I always did these tests to check my air flow and peak air flow. I've never had an attack and I dont ever wheeze

So... any thoughts?

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  • Hi there. I have been asthmatic all my life and have very brittle asthma. I think you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Asthma can come back and you need medication because it can be dangerous if not controlled properly. My grandson had it when he was a toddler and it went away and last year it came back badley. He is 21 and also has a nut allergy since the age of 3. It may be that your in contact with something in the evening that's irritating your airways. Hope you feel better soon and please see the doc. 👍

  • Thank you. So far marked it's happened at home.. where I am all the time. Sitting on the couch relaxing it's like oh hey I can't breathe let me try to take a deep breath and try to get relief from it. I will be in contact with my doctor so she can refer me to a new asthma specialist. My old one I didn't trust too well as she prolonged my weekly allergy shots for 6 years not being concerned that I haven't had any progress or got to wean off of them. I did it myself and stopped showing up several several years back

  • Hi. I think you need a ventolin inhaler to take when you need it . Seeing another specialist is a good idea because you will get a proper diagnosis and the right treatment. I have multi able allergies as well and it's not easy to live with. Anything with a smell will make me wheezy 😩 Take care.

  • Is that different from albuterol because that never worked for me and my specialist never seemed to show any concern

  • yes it could be asthma and asthma can come back after years being non-symptomatic. Asthma never actually leaves, when you are symptom free you are counted as a stage 1 asthmatic (there are five stages).

    I had childhood asthma then was symptom free for around ten years (as a stage 1 asthmatic) and within four months I went from that to a stage 5 asthmatic needing hospital admissions and lots of drugs when I had a nasty virus and it caused my asthma to flare up badly.

    You need to go to the doctors and get it checked out as you may need preventers and rescue inhalers again.

  • Okay. The thing is.. they gave me albuterol... and it never seemed to have any benefit for me. I told the specialist every time and she just would go "huh!....." and not say a word. Is that possible that some even the standard wouldn't work?

  • yes not everybody responds well to the same inhalers. My mother and I both have asthma and we have different preventers.

  • Yes,but u (a.)can also take care of your self by going to areas where there are no polution not noisy i quiet and clean place with fresh air that will help a little but dont go somewhere were u see something that u are alergic of and go see another doctor to be safe,(b.)when u have attacks then i advise go somewhere with less poeple and try taking in slow deep breaths(c.)also u have to relax ur hands dont make then into fists and dont hold ur chest it will also affect u,(d.)u have to try to sometimes do exercise simple ones but not too much and when u feel like ur going to have an attack stop and do what i told u to do the letter b. if it does not work then proceed to c. And if u dont want it to be worse then dont do what u are not suppose to and do what u must

  • Yes it can, mine went away for 4-5 years and has come back recently with a vengeance

  • I'm sorry :( no fun. I guess I never noticed me but the coughing a lot and sometimes tight chest and they tested me and said I have it. And now it's scary

  • I ended up in a and e with a suspected blood clot and tachycardia after months of tests.... it's asthma

  • So the rapid heart could be asthma? I went to my new dr and she about lost her shit my resting heart was 120 and went to 90 then 110 all with her checking it. I'm seeing an endocrinologist her orders tomorrow but I will definitely tell her I was diagnosed with asthma years ago. I just completely forgot I had it and didn't tell her. If my endo doesn't find anything and the ekg is fine then maybe she'll tell me it's the asthma. I also am getting awful palpitations but I think seeing an endo is a good start

  • Yes I had a dose of flu in February March and had a coughing fit onew weekend so took myself to an NHS walkin centre. ... the doctor said my heart rate was dead high (110+) but my chest was clear (in didn't have a chest infection which I what I thought it was) but she believed it to be a blood clot in my lung but it would require more testing in a and e

    After visiting a and e they couldn't tell me what it was but the doctor said if it carries on go back to your GP. .. it's did carry on and my GP said your pulse is still very high ( a month or so had passed now)

    So I ended up with referral to a cardiologist who suspected it may be asthma and sent me for loads of tests on my heart and it' seems in perfect working order (ecg, echo cardio gram, ct scan and various bloods as well as spirometry test for good measure)

    In the meantime I had a bad pain in my chest for a day or so and ended up in a and e having an asthma attack so the doctor said it was all asthma which matched up with what the cardiologist had written back to the GP (once I had gotten back to the GP for an asthma review)... i hadn't had an inhaler since 2012

    But my resting pulse was 110-185 bpm

    My blood pressure was normal though

    My pulse is now mostly back to where it should be

  • I'm glad it's normal again. Mine since the day I could remember and drs has always been "fast" I too have chest pain quite often that goes into my left arm. I'm happy I'm getting checked by the gland and heart specialist

  • Yes it can my sister had it as a child , came back when she was around fifty , then it developed into very serious Copd and she like myself who had Copd too but not as serious as she has it . Neither of us have ever had a cigarette in our mouths , it was caused by passive smoking . X

  • I was asthmatic as a child. It then went away when I was around 7. It then came back when I was about 13/14. I now have quite bad asthma and have a consultant.

  • Sorry :( I hope I can find a good one I trust. Had bad luck with that but to this day all thanks to my chiropractor who I refused to go to at first found me one of his old friends, an ARNP and she is building me this fantastic team of doctors helping me recover from being sick with multiple health problems and one major disease that all went un diagnosed for about 10 years. Next step, allergy and asthma specialist

  • This is similar to me. Rotten childhood then stopped in my early teens. Came back in my twenties and now severe/ brittle

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