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Constant irritation so scared

Please can anyone help me. As i posted before I have this mucusy irritation where my ribs meet. I cough all the time to clear it. I have no infection. I have had asthma for years but dont recall this feeling being so bad, though I have had it before. Sometimes my cough is productive and sometimes dry and harsh. This I find weird. Please does anyone else with asthma have this sensation where I do and can cough be dry or wet it can change during day. Chest x ray was clear. I am afraid it is lung cancer as the cough can be dry and because of the irritated feeling. Where I feel it is in the hollow mainly between ribs and down middle chest. I have terrible health anxiety but I got this 3 weeks ago when I was happy.

Please anyone

Thank you

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Hello. Sorry you are so worried. I have had a mucusy cough for years and am forever spitting out stuff. Sometimes its mucus from the back of my nose ( saline rinse supposed to help but I am too lazy 😜) - other times it is mucus from bottom of my lungs ( I have bronchiestasis). My asthma is overall good - the cough is now part of me sadly. If you are that worried, ask for a chest CT scan ( better than x ray) but what I have learned is just keep clearing out your lungs. Spit it out. Get a flutter device ( off Amazon) - that helps. Also had dry, silly coughs - the joys of being an asthmatic sadly I hsve found.


Sorry to hear this. We found the cough mixture Pholcodeine very good for night time cough. It can be brought over the counter in pharmacies.

You should discuss your cancer worries and anxiety with your doctor.

Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

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I have this pain below my ribs as well in the middle of my stomach. I feel breathless when I wake in the morning and the pain hurts. I am also coughing with a bit of phlegm which is dry or with mucus. I was wondering if it is a strain caused by the coughing and then causing digestive/IBS problems and hence causing the breathlessness and this pain. I have been to the doctors and he examined me and he said he could feel nothing but if it does continue he will send me for a scan. Well I have still got it and I am going to go back to him. Like you I worry it is something serious and I need to be reassured xx


Tks for replying, I dont have pain but just afeeling of irritation but not where you would expect with a cough. I wonder if it could be an inflammed oesophagus, mine is not as low as my stomach


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