No wheeze

I hate going to any doctor about my asthma. Hate it! I always get you are not wheezing it cannot be asthma - then after them listening to my chest I get your lungs are full of mucus so the inflammation must be cause by your asthma.

Drives me mad everytime!

I am back on prednisolone 30mg for 7 days and told to continue my hydrocortisone 20mg for my adrenal insufficiency yippee two kinds of steriods at once.

what will this bring for me this week? At a guess hot flushes.

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  • I hate taking my son to the doctors, plus he's refusing to go! Im sick of the no wheeze no asthma 😠 GP just keeps adding on medication every time we go but still he coughs what's the point. I'm going to try and get him to go tomorrow hope he does something this time😞

  • Good luck. It's a constant battle isn't it?

    Feel like they don't believe me most of the time.

    Hope your son is better soon

  • Know what you mean it's so frustrating!! How many times do we get told "your chest is clear"?! GP the other day said "when I check you over you're not presenting as bad as you say you feel" so think I'm making it up?! Agghhhh !!

    I too am now on 30mg pred. and off sick for 2 weeks after a nightmare 6 weeks struggling.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • i often say to my gp so I you think this choking and breathless is not there then and he always quick to say no no i think there is something there i just do not think you have asthma. but will not refer me to find out what.

  • Can you get your GP to refer you to a hospital consultant? I went through what you are going through for 2 years before ending up in hospital. The respitory consultant asked why I hadn't been referred to see her before that point? Maybe it is worth asking. Good luck. x

  • I've had the same emmasue, haven't seen consultant for 4 years despite severeal bad exacerbations and trips to hospital. Feel that treatment is always reactive, only now they are considering allergies might suddenly be making it worse!!

    So I've insisted on being refetred to respiratory specialist. Need answers. Can't keep doing this it's exhausting!!

  • I hope you get better care soon. Asthma needs to change. Too many of us are suffering unnecessarily. 😞

  • Yes it does.

    Thank you, you too ☺

  • i have been under a respiratory consultant for years now. him and my gp have many an arguement over my lack of wheeze. they now agree to disagree. It just annoying for me. But i get good care really.

    GP rang at 20:15 this evening to say bloods and xray show chest infection so he has sent antibiotic request to pharacy for me. Good service really.

  • Hope you feel better soon Julie X

  • At beginning of the week I saw a trainee GP who didn't have a clue about asthma . After consulting with the senior partner, who I hadn't been able to get appt. with, decided to stop the steroid inhaler & just use the ventolin as it isn't asthma as I haven't a wheeze!! Been struggling since

  • That is ridiculous! I refused to change my inhaler once when a GP I'd never seen before tried to change it.

    I would try and go back to see someone who knows you and your condition/symptoms.

    Good luck. Hope you feel better

  • Hi, I've had to start taking fostair 200/6, luckily I have some left, it doesn't help much as I still have to use ventolin a couple of times a day. It seems it's a cost issue as the fostair is cheaper than seretide which I used to be on , which controlled my asthma much better .

  • I personally think it is about time someone designed a new name for people who do not wheeze so we can at least have a condition with a name. ie breathing condition. Only needs to be simple but it would stop so many of us from being refused medication or medical help.

    My gp is always saying you do not need asthma medication yet my consultant always says yes you do need asthma medication.

    It really drives me mad. Prednisolone always fixes my breathing troubles. So there has to be inflammation somewhere in my airways even if I do not wheeze.

  • What a good idea! We should start a campaign!!

    Same here Julie. Steroids always sort my breathing too, sometimes takes 2 or 3 doses depending on how bad I am, so we must have inflammation in the airways.

    Wish they would only let medics who understand asthma treat us.....messing with preventors is so dangerous.

  • I will look into how to start a campaign and email around a few contacts as something needs doing. I accept if I do not wheeze it cannot be asthma but I do not accept that it cannot be a breathing problem. I sometimes wonder if it is a problem with the muscle of the lung rather than the air ways inside.

    I sometimes think could the lung swell which then could cause the airways to get crushed which would explain the no wheeze maybe. Not really sure as I am not medical but I so spend a lot of time thinking about it because I have had over 20 years of being told no wheeze no asthma but as yet never been given another label. So annoying!

  • I am going to the forum discussion in Birmingham next week. I will try to bring it up. I would appreciate it as well. I am sick of A&E doctors saying they can't hear a wheeze when I can't breathe.

  • Would be interested to hear what the forum's views are

  • I will try to let you know. I have to remember! :)

  • Hi all

    I know where you are coming from as I had the same issues - severe asthma attack but no wheeze and stats normal so I can't be an asthmatic in A&E, even though I am a known asthmatic and have been to itu with it. My old GP was fantastic in referring and getting me seen by Royal Brompton asap, since being there, my asthma is a lot better controlled but still have the odd flare up which can now be controlled at-home. Luckily as I am a known asthmatic and known patient in my surgery I can get a phone call from a doctor who then decides if I need to come in or it can be sorted out over the phone or they visit me at home. I have had to 'fight' with the medical profession for 5 years before I got to where I am now. My gp surgery is so good that they will consult with Brompton unless they are too busy at that moment in time and trust what I say as they know I am a known patient there and now have a good self management plan.

    Thank you for reading this and the way to the end.

    I just want to say with persistence it can be done and you can get good treatment. I unfortunately didn't have much support when I was battling this initially and being a full time carer to an Alzheimer's patient, it was a struggle, but it can be done.

    Also if you feel your medical professional isn't listening to you, raise a complaint, it does make a difference. I had to do this for my Alzheimer's patient and now they get good care regardless of the progression of their Alzheimer's disease.

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