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Advice please

Hi all hope you are doing ok, I've been great getting high blood pressure sorted, waiting for hospitals appointment because chlorestal is sky high but otherwise fine until ... M asthma has been fine not used blue inhaler much at all but I've noticed the ,last few days one minute I'm fine the next I go into a full blown coughing fit and then chest wheezing any ideas I feel well in my self.... Thanks in advance

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has something changed in your environment? There could be something around you that is triggering you or alternatively you may be fighting something off and its early doors.

hope you pick up soon.

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Not that I know Beth-19 and at the moment I'm feeling great but I know that can turn in a sixpence...


Hi Lyngal, just to mention on the cholesterol thing, my dad has angina and has found improvement with oatwell powder and those plant sterol spreads, he also finds fruitflow helpful (used to be in sirco juice but now one has to buy circulease (from healthspan), or provexis's own capsules, or swanson fruitflow). Lecithin may also help. As far as coughing- my asthma is weird- I learned not to cough (or laugh too much) from fear, but reading these forums has made me aware of the range of experiences people have. I find symbicort to be pretty effective but I don't need it so often these days - my symptoms depend on what environment I'm in. I also try to have a diet that fights inflammation (omega-3 from fish, magnesium glycinate/malate/citrate, avoid wheat etc.) I drink too much black coffee though.

I didn't mention beetroot capsules. Air purifiers can be an asset. An hygrometer can be used to monitor changes in humidity to see if that's a cause (hygrometer or humidity-meter is a cheap bit of kit that is also found in digital weatherstations, I bought mine at maplin for about 20 quid).

cheers, Ollie.


Having High cholesterol is a pointer to having low thyroid, (Hypothyroidism) They have an inverse effect on one another. One goes up as the other comes down. Doctors years ago knew this, but sadly no longer. Before thyroid bloods were done, Doctors would treat high cholesterol with NDT Natural Dessicated Thyroid (Hormones.) and patients would be given enough till their cholesterol levels went back down to normal level.

Any thyroid bloods done ask for a printout of your bloods and ranges and pop them up on Thyroid Uk here on HU for members to help you forward. Doctors are well known for missing Low thyroid. Also if you have asthma best to get your thyroid hormones sorted also check vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels along with iron levels too.


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