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Food intolerance

hi y'all. it been a long time since I posted here. Hope you're doing good.

I started taking a maintenance meds last May for my asthma. I have an asthma since I was child but it went out of control last May maybe because of the extreme heat in my country. i take Symbicort 4puffs a day and montelukast. I got hospitalized too last May and had a lot of exacerbation. that was a really tough month. and as I was recovering I observe I develop some food intolerance. I have some inflammation whenever I eat dairy products and fish milk, Does anyone hear experience this too? ☹️ thanks in advance

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*here. sorry for the misspelled word.😁


Hi can I ask if it has made a huge difference changing your diet? I too am looking at food that makes it worse.

I find I cough a lot after eating ice-cream so I think dairy may be an issue. Think wheat may be too and nuts have always made me cough!

Would be interested to know how much difference cutting foods out has made to your symptoms.



It does a lot actually. But Im still in the process of trial and error. Since I cant still figure it out all at the same time. Chocolates fish and dairy is my triggers.

I've read an article from asthma UK that the best way is to find out what food triggers your symptoms is by making a food diary symptoms instead of having a food allergy test.


Hi Edelyn. I keep a daly diary of all possible influences on my asthma.

John Terry McConnell


Hi Lisa,

It made a big difference for me. I cut out ice cream and anything with cow's cheese on it. I use almond milk instead of cow's milk. I can handle a little bit of yogurt. I can have feta cheese.

I hope this helps. John Terry McConnell, author of "Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir" available on


I have been the same this year I have have had 11 visits to a an e

Started with food allergys to rice and nuts and corn


I also have developed an allergy to wheat. I was given an allergy test at the hospital and I was allergic to all the pollens but the worst was wheat. It is so difficult to eat a wheatfree diet!


I too can not handle dairy. I drink almond milk instead of cow's milk. I eat feta cheese instead of cow's cheese. I eat pizza with no cow's cheese on it. A little yogurt does not bother me. Hope this helps.

John Terry McConnell, author of "Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir," available on


Hi Guys .I thought I might be wheat sensitive or intolerant so asked my Respiratory Consultant for testing. When I attended my appointment I was told 'because it was a respiratory referral they wouldn't be testing for wheat allergy' ! Go figure ?! So I'm back to square one -doing my own monitoring.They did find I was allergic to all kind of pollen - trees ,grass ....and dogs -who knew . I live on the Isle of Wight so a bit difficult to avoid triggers. But I do live by the sea so not all bad .I've been on prednisolone for around 6-7 years and love/hate it ; weight gain the most ,am now down to a 5mg maintainance dose but can't get any lower. Breathless every day and get fed up sometimes but on the whole am enjoying life .Take care and look after yourselves.


I have a dairy allergy which came apparent last may too along with a citrus allergy. It's a pain but I'm beginning to find alternatives. X


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