Pip assessment

Pip assesment

Hi just to say i am really nervous about my pip assessment on thursday i hate these sort of things. I think its the unknown as i dont know what they will ask me. Since i have known the date my asthma has taken over. I even went and bought a V cusion so that im more comfy falling asleep sat up and i am . The 24 hr sifts are keeping me busy . Well keeping my mind busy. I hope the person doing the assessment is ok and not grumpy. I am so stressed about it all!!!!!

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  • Good luck for Thursday

  • Thankyou

  • Good luck! Just try to keep calm, they're not there to catch you out and they're generally nice people. Let us know how it goes x

  • Thankyou i will

  • Hey,

    I had one last month and I was absolutely terrified, the thought of someone coming to my home and judging me and my illness just made me so nervous. I'm not even sure why. However the lady who came was really nice, down to earth and a former asthma nurse. It's still quite scary but I just told her it how it was and tried to be myself. And in fact when I got my award letter, in the explanation the decision maker said how she had reported that I found some things more difficult than I had reported on my form and she thought pride was the reason. So they definitely do read your body language and listen not only to what you say but to what you don't say if that make sense.

    I was obviously very lucky to have someone who understood asthma and was very down to earth but the only thing that would keep me calm before hand was telling myself not to freak out, they are just a person. I was devestated I had to apply for it in the first place so I don't think that helped my mind set but she was very reassuring about the process.

    Good luck, I hope it goes well the citizens advice site was helpful I found if you haven't checked it out already


  • Thankyou

  • does having asthma makes you housebound? because it is quite unusual to be assessed at home unless you are housebound, that's it.

  • No i have to go into the town centre to be assessed

  • not always though quite a lot of days at the moment it's bad enough that I struggle to walk very far. I did ask as I was surprised i was assessed at home and I was told she didn't choose so she didn't know but it was likely to be because of evidence gathered. The lady who came though said the place I would go to was over an hour and a half away so I was very grateful.

  • I am not familiar with the area i have to go to which i know will increase my anxiety and increase my asthma but i am sick of the asthma its so debilitating and after a while it batters you into submission the thing is i dont know when my asthma is going to flare up its so ramdom sometimes. Overnight and this morning my peak flow was at best 250 should have gone to a&e really but got work this morning it gets you down in the end its a good job i have a car cos i dont think i would be able to manage getting anywhere. Sorry for the moan

  • hi jecrookes i had my home assesment on the 16th of june like you i was so nerviou i felt sick but the lady was very pleasant she showed me her id she had a laptop i had a copy of the form i had sent in they just ask questions about your health and how you cope on a daily basis first have someone with you husband relative get them to let the person in dont get up and walk around just tell her about your worst days if they ask you do do anyhting you cant do tell them why you cant do ,i understand its stressfull dont bother to much with yourself wear the clothes you normally wear dont go and have your hair done sorry you have not said what your conditions are ,good luck please let us know thinking of you,xx

  • Thanks for your suport. I have asthma the severe persistant kind but stress brings it on.

  • hi i have asthma as well but mine is made worse by stress i take diazepam to relax me they do understand and they dont make you do anything that causes you pain or stress ,xx

  • Thanks Mason thats reassuring

  • My experience so far is that they are incredibly inefficient. You may want to take heart from the fact that you are probably far more knowledgeable about every aspect of this than the assessor. They may also take less notice than they should of all the factors that affect you. Equalities legislation confers certain rights and expectations regarding professional behaviour. Remembering this may help. Good luck

  • I have applied for PIP too.. have an interview on Sept 1st... so not looking forward to it :(...

  • I went last week to mine i was so stressed i took my copy of the forms but i was that nervous i couldnt read the answers my dyslexia cicked in and the words were all over the place i had to ask if a window could be opened i was honest about my asthma that it is random and stress brings it on plus when i am due on too plus the nose bleeds dont thi k i will be awarded anythi g at all

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