I DID IT I escaped!!!

Ok bit of dramatic title but I have managed it I did manage to escape from a 2 week stay hospital due to Asthma flare up/infection (to be honest not really themselves ha ha)but main thinking is I did it!!

Final consultation was bit weird(along with drs dress sense beautiful summer dress teamememed with knee height brown cowgirl boots???? Lol) Dr initially congratulates me and says how proud of me that have lost 4 stone and put my type 2 diabetes into remission but now getting night hypos!!!.Anyhow onto Asthma ,reason for admission she then started saying could be panic attack???? But to my knowledge they don't last two weeks? During convo she asked why I feel nebs help when what's in inhaler is same? I explained to best of ability neb seems to help get to the spot ,really relax my chest and moisten my lung. Does that make sense to anyone???Anyhow I'm home can't believe just quite how exhausted I am!!!!. Sorted out my collection of meds and went to sleep till woke with hypo 3.1 !!!!!!! actually felt quite confused lol. Slept until 11am this morning had meds but have continued to keep just keep falling asleep!!!!!! Gonna sign off for now as it's taken me 3/4 hour to write this as keep sleeping ¡!!! Catch up soon xxx

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  • so gald you've escaped, be really careful with yourself.

    Oh my goodness thats like deja vu!! according to the docs at my last asthma attack I'd been having an asthma attack for over forty-eight hours, aren't we clever for doing that.

    Nebs help because they give the medicine over a longer period of time in a better format which means we get more of it into our lungs so it helps better

  • Makes me laugh when they say it's same mediation in neb as inhaler!!! I KNOW but if what she was implying why do they give them when you have attack/flare up?.

    I will contact you asap when can keep eyes open lots of love xxx

  • So glad you are home , take it easy an rest up , and look after yourself xx

  • All I keep doing is sleeping!!

  • So glad you are home , take it easy and rest up xx

  • If your body is telling you rest then do so. Try and do a little walking when you are awake and drink lots of fluids and try and eat - a little and often for everything. Hope you are fully recovered really soon.

  • I'm sleeping upright,trouble is have very limited mobility anyway due to damaged discs in back and walk with two crutches.im regually walking out to loo but didn't think was gonna get there in night(thank God for tena pads lol !!!)

  • Oo. Painful my husband has damaged discs in his back and neck. Hope you are managing better now.

  • I have two degenerated discs at bra level and two herniated discs at lumbar level.on a cocktail of pain meds and had to walk with two before past for years now!!

  • Glad you made it home.

    One of the GPs at our surgery asked me if I suffer with anxiety before agreeing to send me to hospital 2 werks ago!! Usual story - sats are fine, no wheeze so can't be asthma. So annoying!!!

    Def agree about the nebuliser. Works so much better than regular inhaler. Saved me from calling an ambulance at work yesterday !

    Now signed off sick for 2 weeks after trying to struggle on for the past 6! Body needs the rest and so do you by the sound of it! Get plenty of sleep

  • That's all I seem to be doing since home. I feel exhausted,dnt know if seeing more than hospital as quiet at home?? although had sleeping tablet in hospital but still woke needing nebs&pain relief.I am eating though I just keep falling asleep.What do these consultants not understand about nebulisers I'm crackly and using ventolin inhaler to try and clear it but not wheezy??? What the heck is going on???

    Drs won't prescribe nebs 1 because my asthma comes on and goes downhill fast (have had two admissios to ITU ((one 15 years ago on ventilator for 3 days then one end of march this year,not ventilated but on c pap machining and my previous admission to this one 4 or 3 weeks before went from 2 litres of oxygen to 35humidified oxygen and was told if I didn't stabilise they would have to take over my breathing on ITU !!! But to be honest that was all a bit of a blur I vaguely remember the nurses keep adding things or changing things on oxygen mask and a thick long corrugated rubber attached to mask and it being more noisy!!!

    I keep trying to cough hard and cough hard to clear crackling if that makes sense ,in case it's in my throat as thats what Dr said was only place she cold hear wheeze coming from?????if If I only take shallow breaths sounds ok but if I take deeper breaths when I breath out particularly all cracking. What is going on???

  • Just because we don't wheeze doesn't mean we are not having an exacerbation.

  • Totally agree since being home have just slept!!!. I have been been eating and drinking and going to do but that's it. I'm crackly again and really feel that neb would help. Crazy thinking I have a machine from y re are ago and was told only allowed to use 2 before calling for help but obviously goal posts but moved since then and know will need to get a.new machine but no point doing that if can't get neuble solution prescribed,was on ventolin and atrovent in hospital. I definitely feel that they would help and at times prevent hospital admission. I'm not stupid I know to monitor peak flow ect. Arhh this is so frustrating!!!!!

  • Know exactly how you feel. I used to think that asthma was so common that all Doc's must know most things about it. Now I am not so sure.

  • Try telling the Dr's that!! It's frustrating isn't it?

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