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Spirometry test tomorrow - can I use my inhaler tonight?

Hello, I have my first SPIROMETER test tomorrow morning at 9.30am. Unfortunately I can find the letter with the details on. I have my volumatic device ready but I'm sure the letter said to refrain from using my preventer inhaler. I can't remember if it said the night or morning before? I was going to leave it off tonight just in case. Can anyone recall their test and how long they had to refrain from using their inhaler? Thanks Rach xx

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I have never been told to stop medication for that test, however it has been a very long time since I had mine.

Good luck with your test.

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Ideally you should omit them all. If you have to take them this morning make sure you let the tester know. Salbutamol is probably ok if you have not used it for more than 4 hours. but as I said, if you use them just let the tester know.


I was told not to use my inhalers on the day of the test. Good luck.

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