Asthma irritated by the recent weather

Hi all,

I've just joined and was wondering if anyone else has been suffering in this heat recently. I have normal asthma (looking at others posts I can see there are many different types which I never knew!!) I've had it since childhood, I got it from my dad! My normal triggers are pollens in the environment, dust, horses, and colds/viruses. I've never had a problem with temperature change and my asthma, I have been to many heated countries and been absolutely fine, but I have really been struggling with my asthma this past week with the heatwave, I have felt very breathless, very fatigued, and I have an awful cough that makes me sound like I smoke 40 a day! I got sent home from work on Monday and went straight to the doctors, got prescribed prednisolone, which I started that evening. The course finished yesterday (friday) and my symptoms are no better, I'm just wondering what I should do as my cough seems worse this morning and the phlegm I'm now coughing up is starting to become green and it is making my chest ache when I cough. I am quite prone to chest infections if my coughs don't get treated which is why I'm concerned as it's also the weekend and my asthma hasn't been this bad in a long time....

Sorry for the essay!!

B x

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  • Get to your Doc as soon as you can. If your phlegm is coloured it is an infection and you need antibiotics. If your breathing gets really bad then go to A&E. It is not unusual for us to suffer in the heat even if we can go to other hot countries and not suffer as I have. It is not just the heat but the way pollution and pollen moves in e heat and also of course humidity. I get problems more with a humid heat than a dry heat and just recently the heat here has been a humid heat with humidity levels here - we have a humidity reader in two rooms at home, being in the high seventies.

    Hope you get better quickly and can enjoy the summer.

  • Thankyou, going to book in to see my go first thing tomorrow x

  • Note anti biotics only work if it is a BACTERIAL infection , but NOT if it is caused by a VIRUS Best Marilyn

  • Hi yes the heat affects me too, particularly if it is a very dry/muggy day. I'm also bad when it's very cold - have to wear a scarf over my mouth so the cold air doesn't get to me!

    You def need antibiotics if you're coughing up green phlegm. I've been the same - had antibiotics and prednisolone but no better, was sent to hospital by GP on Friday and told there's nothing wrong even though I'm coughing like mad whilst having 2 nebs there!! It's so frustrating :-(

    Hope you feel better soon

  • My phlegm has now gone like a normal white colour so hopefully for now there is no infection, but the cough is so irritating! It's really chesty and when I do cough Its not just the once, I end up having a coughing fit, have only taken my blue inhaler once today but when I have a cough like this it never makes any difference...

    B x

  • Hi,

    I've been having similar probs. I was diagnosed at 29 and have been affected by the seasons changing but, having had the first acute attack for 6 years, I have noticed that the recent heat has drained me and it feels like a weight is on my chest. I was also given pred but continue to cough and some days my chest feels tight but is relieved by use of inhalers. I've been learning to be patient with this as it takes time to heal and get back to 'normal asthma'. I'm sure you will feel better in time, but if you're worried make an app with do or asthma nurse.

    Best wishes

  • Hi all, ended up in urgent care centre last night, was on my own and coughing so much I couldn't catch my breath, don't know if it was an asthma attack, panic attack or maybe a bit of both. They listened to my chest, turns out I do have a chest infection, was prescribed clarithromycin and prednisolone. Feeling a lot better today but still coughing a lot. Went to my normal gp just so they could check me over and I've been signed off work for the week which I'm not too happy about as I can't really afford it but hey ho, not much I can do really. Thanks for all the advice, I wish I had found this forum sooner!

    B x

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