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Asthma nurse and asthma triggers

Hey everyone I'm new to this asthma thing, I take both brown and blue inhalers I don't know they're proper names... Anyway how often should I be seeing an asthma nurse or going to the asthma clinic. I've only been once since I was diagnosed which was when I was 19, I'm 21 now and not been to see anyone about medications etc. What I'm on now works in fact I harldeys take it unless I know I'll be exerting myself, or its really hot cause I can't breathe in the heat. Also I have no idea what my asthma triggers are because I got told I had it after I'd been cleared of TB because of scarring on my lungs. I went into a seam room once at the gym and couldn't breathe properly so is that a trigger? I've never been in since just in case

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Steam is generally bad for people with asthma. If i was you I would make an appointment to see your asthma nurse and get your medication reviewed - even though you say you hardly ever need to take it it is till good to see the nurse to make sure you are taking it properly.

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I've decided to avoid any steamy environments from now on, and I'll have to see if I can find contact details for an asthma nurse because I only went the first time because of a referral from a doctor

U shud see ur asthma nurse obce a year. U shud hav a peak flow meter to monitir ur breathing every day. By doing peak flow u get to know what is mormal reading for u. If your reading goes low u follow ur care plan which will tell u wat to do. What medications to take and when to seel medical help. All important stuff. Get to know ur triggers so u can avoid them.

Apologies for typing errors hope u understand wat i mean. Ur brown inhaler is usually a preventer and is normally taken daily even when ur asthma is good. The blue inhaler is used when u get short of breath it opens up the airways that hav been narrowed to make breathing easier. If unsure about any aspect on asthma ask doctor. Its your illness learn everything about adthma

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Its okay I know what you mean, I don't have a peak flow meter, I was never given one. My dad had asthma so I know about it and how to manage symptoms etc etc. I think my gp just gave me a diagnosis of asthma to get me off their back

If you are not sure what you should be doing .....go and see an asthma nurse or doctor.

Blue inhaler is reliever for when you have symptons,brown is a preventative which you take as directed very day with or without symptons.

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