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Easy healer Budesonide


My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with asthma just over 2 weeks ago. She has been using clenil modulite as her preventer inhaler but it seemed to be irritating her as she was coughing every time she tried using it. I spoke to the dr over the phone and her suggested trying a different preventer and has prescribed easy healer Budesonide. I had presumed that we would use it just as her old one - i.e. Through her spacer but having just collected it I realise it probably won't work. Is she meant to use it without a spacer, I thought they recommended to as it helped to get into their system better and reduced the risk of things like thrush - advice gratefully received as dr gave no guidance and is now uncontactable til tomorrow.

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Hi Cara, I can only speak for myself but I was told to use a spacer a by having that short bit of time between depressing the inhaler then inhaling the Clenil it ensures your daughter would be getting the correct dosage and not exhaling too soon. I one because my co-ordination is poor due to having water on the brain which affects it. I have been getting spots in my mouth but have since been advised to rinse my mouth out. This is to rid any residue on the tongue. Hope this helps. X


All steroid inhalers can cause thrush in the mouth. Best way to avoid it is to do as Alicat27 suggests and rinse out. But the rinsing out has to be thorough. I gargle, clean my teeth and then gargle again, which I've been told by a respiratory consultant is about right.


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