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 I'm new to this forum only joining after recent hospital admission including ITU.I wondered if anyone else knows or has heard the term SILENT WHEEZE? I have been told in the past that I have a "silent wheeze" I have always found that I don't wheeze I get tight chested and dry irritating cough. Drs seem to focus on the WHEEZE and I just wondered if the silent wheeze does actually exist?

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It does.

It is actually more problematic for the sufferer than wheezing.  What happens is that the lungs can tighten so much, during an attack, the air movement that would normally produce wheezing is prevented. Hence "silent wheeze".  It is a dangerous sign because the disappearance of wheezing during the attack can be interpreted as a sign of improvement and thus prompt emergency care is not sought.  Anyone affected should be taken to hospital immediately as having a severe asthma attack.

Be warned.


I have what I feel is a silent wheeze all the time.  It's not a full fledged asthma attack.  I just feel tight.  The Dr. won't help, cuz there are no outward symptoms.


Silent wheeze is not just a tightening, it is a fully fledged asthma attack.  There is just no wheezing because there is no room to wheeze.

If you cannot get the support of your GP try looking into self-help techniques.  Diaphragmatic breathing for one is a vital tool in living with asthma and important in retraining ourselves in breathing properly

Another thing you might look at is hydrogen peroxide inhalation but take care to never use anything stronger than 3%.


Hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy sounds dangerous!   Anybody else have ideas of this? It's safety or its Danger or helpfulness


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