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Eosinophilic bronchitis

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I have just heard of this and it sounds a better fit for me than asthma (my diagnosis, now questioned by my gp) or cva (what I previously thought). There's precious little info online about triggers, outlook etc. I will see a consultant soon but does anyone here have this diagnosis or know something about it? Thanks.

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I've got eosinophilic asthma. How high are your eosinophils? Have you got shortness of breath? The main treatment for eosinophilic asthma/bronchitis is oral prednisolone or steroid injections. There is a new treatment called nucala ( supposed to be available in UK this summer)

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netochka in reply to Polzovatel

Thanks. I've never had eosinophils measured. I have shortness of breath when I have a bad exacerbation or chest infection as it also gets called, or on exertion but not when well. Does that sound like a good fit to you? I have been frequently taking oral steroids till now, always on inhaled steroids but seem to have improved massively on montelukast -- I've had a bad cold but stayed on track with lungs which is unheard of. Maybe I won't have any more problems now anyway but interesting to hear there is progress with medication.

I don't know if any of that rules out eos. bronchitis, but maybe you can tell? What would be your triggers? (Mine are viral illness, cold air, smoke, dust, exercise -- again I don't know if that's a match).

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Polzovatel in reply to netochka

My triggers are cold and windy weather, exercise, even walking when in a bad state.

And I feel as I cannot take a deep breath

Try to ask your GP to measure blood eosinophils

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netochka in reply to Polzovatel

Thanks -- and I will ask about the eosinophils as you suggest. Do you have low peak flow when you have that feeling of not being able to take a deep breath? I don't get either of those.

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And is eos. asthma distinct from eos. bronchitis or just different names? Or yours is overlapping? Just curious so sorry for all the questions -- I guess I'll get the doctor to take it further.

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Melanie69 in reply to Polzovatel


No, my peak flow doesn't change much

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