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Do air purifiers/ air humidifier help?

a question that is probably asked many times, yet I like to ask this question to know from people with asthma if their troubles have (partly) disappeared by using air purifiers and/or air humidifiers in their bed room.

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Hi, I have cats and have had an air purifier in my bedroom for about 9 months. I couldn't say whether it reduces my asthma symptoms as I have had a difficult year. My consultant did not advocate either way and said some people say they help.

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I have a humidifier in my bedroom at night. I think it helps, it might all be in my head but as long as I think it helps I dont care :)


I have a purifier but I feel it makes no difference to be honest.


I've tried them out in the past - and they made no difference whatsoever. A dehumidifier did work for my son when he was at uni., but that was only because his room had been flooded during the vacation break and hadn't dried out properly when term started. Once the room was dry he didn't need it any more. But even for damp issues, unless a flood is to blame, a dehumidifier is never going to be a long term solution. The only way to stop it is to find what causing the damp and to have it fixed.

Use the money you might spend on either of these products to add to the funds for a really good vacuum cleaner:-)

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The answer is, quite honestly, it depends. If you live in an area with high humidity, or your room is prone to condensation/damp, it might well help. Where I used to live we had a very hot, humid summer about 3 years ago and I thought I was going to die until I got a dehumidifier. It helped enormously that summer, but I've never used one since.

There are a number of apps out there that will tell you the humidity in your local area. I suggest getting one of these ang keeping a diary for a month, to see if your asthma is indeed worse on days of high humidity. It might save you an expensive purchase that's not actually going to help.


I would agree. Do some diary filling in before spending the money.


Years ago, I had an ioniser, which claimed to purify the air by attracting the dust etc so the air would be cleaner. Left a huge black mark on the wall! I got it because a couple I knew swore it helped. I'm not sure. It might have. I think you have to try it and see if it works for you - maybe you could get a 2nd hand one.

I once asked my doctor if I should stop drying stuff on the radiators as it made the place a bit steamy and he said No! keep doing it! Centrally heated air is very dry and when you keep everything shut up in winter it needs to be made a bit more moist. I love steam rooms in spas. All that lovely steam going over my poor sore lungs. In a bedroom, you need to keep it aired, that's all.


Humidifier Caution!!

I had mild COPD. But it was a counter-top ultrasonic humidifier that really did my lungs in!

I used it every day one Winter thinking I was doing something good for myself.

Every day I would see a fine white dust covering my TV screen and PC screen. I thought it was from recent remodeling and like a drywall dust as the workers were not very careful in covering things up.

I kept on getting flu-like symptoms for over 2 months. And the doctor could not figure it out either.

I finally realized the fine white dust was from the humidifier. The instructions DID NOT say NOT to use water from the tap. I would use 1-1/2 gallons of tap water daily to fill the humidifier. The minerals in the tap water were turning into a fine white dust and getting onto my furniture, PC screens, etc. AND INTO MY LUNGS. So, for 2 full months I breathed in this dust and my lungs got really really bad.

I did not know you are to use distilled or bottled water to refill the humidifier.

I try to warn everyone about this. So, I am now paranoid about using any type of humidifier.

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hi, i was thinking about getting an air purifier but when i researched about them online i found out they emit ozone as part of their process which is apparently bad for you so check that out for yourself before buying.search air purifiers ozone.


Prior to buying a humidifier or dehumidifier I would suggest monitoring relative humidity in suspect rooms with an hygrometer such as can be bought in shops like Maplin. Inexpensive and often integrated within digital weatherstations.

Winded's warning above about water quality is very good.


really help. at least it moisture the air and release my cough. urpower and Honeywell are good brand. there are some tips I think it may help you.




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Air humidifiers help as long as

1. you have the right capacity humidifier for your room size

2. You avoid the humidifiers that emit dust

3. The humidifier is easy to clean

4. You operate and clean the humidifier as recommended

You can get more details from this post bestairconheaters.com/best-...


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