Respiratory physiotherapy

I had my first experience in a long time..they used to slap you to loosen the mucus but that was much more interesting.

I learned how to breathe in and out and huff so I could expectorate and then he applied pressure points and said I would find I was coughing a little more tonight for a while. Actually I've slept as a log until now.

Has anybody been to physio lately?

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  • Had my first physio appointment which involved me being talked through the breathing cycle! Every time I huff I end up coughing.

  • Thanks Garry great so it works!! 😊I'm not there yet. I hear it snoring In there but difficult to expectorate yet.

    You give me courage!! Thanks again!!😊

  • Me ,I have ,the copd physio showed my the breathing and hough technique,,,I also have bought a flutter device to help move the really stubborn mucus ,,,,,if you home on " you tube " it will show you how to use them ,I think there about £45 ,but worth every penny ,Amazon also sell them and the reviews are great ,best wishes

  • Thank you very much Nanny 😊 I'm going to take a look at that. Today he made me bring my knees to my chest when I felt like coughing but my back is already contracted so I felt it. Not sure I have the muscle tone for that one 😃

  • I know what you mean ,im trying to recover from pneumonia,,,and I've had to use my flutter to help clear the mucus ,,,,,before I restarted to using it ,,,,,I had a bad coughing spell where like you my back muscle went into spasm so making the cough worse ,,,,,that's when I got the flutter out of the draw ,,,,the whole ide of the flutter is to make you cough ,,,,I find it a lot easier to clear the deep mucus from the base of my lungs ,,,,,so I wouldn't be without mine ,,,,but please check out the reviews on Amazon and how to use it video on Amazon and you tube ,,,used properly it's a great simple devise ,best wishes with the cough and the muscle spasm ,

  • Pneumonia oh dear..they told me there's a new vaccination out by the way. I will thank you.

  • Hi ,I have had the pneumonia vaccination about 8 years ago ,,,apparently it's just once in a life time vaccine,,,,,but I doesn't stop you getting it ,,,,,it's like the flu vaccine,,,,,it 's just to stop it being sooooo bad ,,,

  • Hi Nanny yes it's awful..a lot of it around..this is a new one out may be it doesn't conflict with old covers new strains..

    I had pleurisy two years ago, that put me out for a couple of months.

  • Hi ,that's what I've got now ,,,pleurisy,,,I had pneumonia beginning of dec ,and now I've got pleurisy and thrush ,,,thrush is caused by all the antibiotics,,,,,getting fed up now ,,,

  • I fell asleep! Sorry to hear about that Nanny I bet you are fed up. I did get thrush with the doxycyclin they gave me for the I can't take penicillin so I went to the health food shop and bought a complex from Nelson called candida and I took that for weeks..that's why I m taking all this live yoghurt now which is supposed to prevent it but who knows..

    Clarithromycin doesn't work any more Im probably resistant to that..

    My advice: ask for specialist referral again, you want to kill that bug..

    That's why I hope I'm not getting infected again but I feel it might just turn you know. Anyway I'm seeing the specialist on Monday and Im going to be insisting for tests. I'm looking after Mum at the moment and haven't got any strengh left!

    Take Care Nanny ☀️

  • Thankyou ,take care

  • I've a flutter device but can't bear it, it generates a cough so violent that it doesn't stop until I vomit. As I have a hiatus hernia as well, it's all terribly pleasant. The consultant is talking about doing breathing therapy with me that sounds similar to yours, I think I'd prefer that.

  • Ok it is gentle and he did the pressure points on my wrists one for the lung and one for the bowel as all this seems connected.. When East meets West.. I tell you it's all welcome at the moment I just try to take it all in and say thanks. ☀️

  • The breathing technique might well suit you better as you have a hiatus hernia ,not sure if you've done the PR COURSE ,,but I can reccomend it ,

  • I have hiatus hernia too and see a physio for breathing techniques, it's really good for most of the time but when my asthma is really bad it's quite difficult to use the techniques, it takes all I have just to breathe!

  • Yes I understand Berth he told me to stop inhaling exhaling just before I feel like coughing but that already needs a lot of control in itself..hard going..when you're guided through it's easier, when i'm left to myself not the same result 😃

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