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Morning all,

I'v not had a very good night being awake for part of coughing this morning in the last hour i have being coughing up green and clear mucus even tho i was told last night at a&e badger center that everything was clear and to go and see my asthma nurse,

I do also suffer from anxiety which could be making me worrie more then i should be. i feel that i can not keep going to the doctors about my symptoms due to what happend before about being told i have my own agenda,

My PF this morning is about 340 a drop from last night which was about 470.

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Hi DavidLewis you need to make an appointment to see your asthma nurse and get things sorted. As for suffering from anxiety I think that is pretty normal when you cannot breathe.. To help myself I play solitaire, I listen to soothing music, read , and do my beloved tai chi and when possible walk. Try to find your coping strategies. Be kind to yourself, and remember you are not alone ♥♥♥


I would see a GP as an emergency appointment if you can face it, if you're worse. I say GP because probably you have to wait to see the nurse?

Even if it's the same GP then they might revise their view because your peak flow has got a lot lower overnight. Maybe in the future you could change GP practice?

I hope you feel better soon.


It's so awful when they make you feel like hypochondriac even when you're genuinely ill! Like you I suffer from anxiety and have been fobbed off by doctors in the past when I present with asthma-related issues (atypical) so I can relate. However, you are sick. Green mucous and a serious drop in peak flow needs action from your GP, so don't take no for an answer. We're all behind you!

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One thing that might be worth thinking about is trying to find a health advocacy service. I'm not sure whereabouts you live but a good starting point would be your local Healthwatch (just search for Healthwatch "Yourtown" & you should quickly locate them).

A good advocate can assist with your anxiety & help you to communicate either with your GP directly or the surgery generally to help them understand how better to deal with you.

There might also be a network of expert patients in your locality. I don't really know if they offer direct support but the purpose of the programme is to support people to be more confident about their chronic illnesses & dealing with health professionals.

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Hang on in there! Asthma is a frightening illness as breathing is such a fundamental part of being alive. Its no surprise that you sometimes feel anxiety. Also I had to stop taking Ventolin as it made me anxious. Your PF will improve again when you are able to relax those airways;o)

Take care, and sleep with an extra non allergic pillow!


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Hi Gino,

Thanks for your reply,

I will get some new pillows tomorrow of the non allergic ones and see if they will help me sleep better at night, as i'v got the bounce back ones atm.

Take care and thanks :)


Good Evening all,

Thanks for your reply's,

Since doing what the doctor suggested which was to take 4 puffs of my blue inhaler 2-3 times a day i have being able to sleep better at night. but do still sometimes wake up coughing, my peek flow is inpoving a bit but not much my morning readings are around 220 -350 and night time is around 400 -420.

Next week Wednesday i have to do spirometry test which after they will be able to tell me if i have asthma or not.


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