Just want to get back to myself

Urgh bit of winge post sorry, came down with a chest infection at the end of November which rent me into a period where my asthma was totally out of control which lasted over a month, just started getting back to myself when bang when I caught a cold from my daughter which has gone to another chest infection and again has sent my asthma into a spin, so fed up of not being able to do my usual stuff, haven't been able to do Zumba in over two months :( can't even do the shopping without needing a two hour nap no need for replies just needed to put it down, thanks for reading xx

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  • Hi Emmajayne 75 know exactly where you are coming from. Last year for the asthma under control then started croaking, lasted months could not breathe because of the vocal chords could not tell whether breathing problems were asthma or throat now had speech therapy and can breathe again its b marvelous so just hang on in there .♥

  • Snap ,hope you and I ,and anyone else that's been poorly, soon feel better and we are all back to our old selves once more ,

  • It's cathartic having a moan! Sounds like you've had a really rough couple of months, hope you'll be able to get back to zumba soon but do pace yourself. I'm the same as you just now I can't do much and need to sleep a lot. Take each day as it comes and your energy levels will gradually return!

  • i am glad i found this forum as it is so nice to actually have contact with people who actually understand what asthma is really like. i sometimes feel that people just look when i have an attack at work. it seems to be just an annoyance when i start coughing and wheezing. its nice to hear from people who can sympathise.

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