Looks like I'm home Tuesday now not Monday as got to ween the steroids off the iv bit gutted but only one day I suppose just hope all goes ok not get much sleep again due to the cough and the iv needle had to b moved as the other one leaked and had to try twice to get another one in as vains really small and colaspe a lot so try to keep them on as long as possible lots pain killers today very painful back with the coughing and everything going on has set my fibro off as well that's my rant lover have a good day X

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  • Sorry you are still going through it. Hope you get some rest today . Take care

  • Thank u days seem to b getting longer X

  • Oh Tracey, you must be so fed up by now, I do hope things improve and that you are able to get home on Tuesday.

    Take care.

  • Morning Tracey hope you have a more restful day today,take care God bless naresh62 X

  • Hi thank u for all ur kind words means a lot to me especially at that this hard time very lonely in here so far from home no visitors made some lovely friends in here which helps but a lot of them going home so b in my Todd soon but thank u all again X

  • Sounds like they are trying to keep you pain free. Do they want you to cough because it is a productive cough?


  • Hi yea after the op where they been in messing about there a lot of muck to bring up now so need to get it up its working slowly but making ribs and back hurt bad but painkillers r helping X

  • It's awful to have rib and back pain, I can sympathise with you on that because I've got a really bad chest infection at the moment and apart from my lungs throwing a major strop I've also got the rib and back pain. Thank goodness for painkillers.

    I hope you start to feel better soon Tracey.

  • Just try and rest. Hope you make it on Tuesday.

  • Hi I'm new to the site and just read your post hope your feeling better soon.

  • Hi thank u been a good day intill they gave me a gargle for my throat and made my breathing bad so needed a neb and stopped it now should b home tomorrow back in 4 weeks for the next op not looking forward to it after the trouble with this right lung hope U ok

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