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Chest X ray


Ok folks why would you have a chest xray because you have asthma? I just had one as my asthma hasnt yet resolved and on third lot of rescue steriods. What are they looking for? Chest is still sore indicating airways still inflamed. Result in two days.

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They are looking for other problems. X-rays can show up all sorts of things that might be either triggering asthma or a problem in themselves. It's a sensible precaution if you are not improving with routine asthma treatment.

I hope you soon feel better anyway.

So they are looking for problem with your lungs to see what condition your lung are in. I understand that asthma can damage your lungs with scaring

An x-ray (as far as I know) won't show that level of detail; you'd need a CT-scan for that. The x-ray would show up things like serious infections, etc. I'm not an expert on this though so only basing it on my own experiences.

Thanks for the input you only can speak from your own experience. Roll on thursday when I get the answer. Only still 60-70% better at the moment. Need to be fully recovered before I know my GP will be satisfied and thats how it should be.

That's good that your GP is taking it seriously...I hope they get you back on top form soon :)

Yes I have full confidence in his judgement

Its me and presidone dont get on sends my blood sugar

Crazy so he wants me off it asap. Aparently

There is an alternative asthma uk nurse told me. So perhaps I need that.Had to two puffs of ventolin 30mins ago. Peak flow down but back up again. Need to be no inhaler, no disturb sleep, peak flow back to best before I am satisy I am back to normal.:-)

I had an x-Ray at the time of my asthma diagnosis but more because I had an infection (I think). It led to a sarcoidosis diagnosis.

At my annual asthma check-up a few years ago the doctor said that she could hear the struggle I was having breathing, and sent me for an X-ray. That showed I had fluid on my lungs. I was prescribed a water-tablet and my breathing soon improved.

Hi Elanaoli. Have you had the result of your x-ray?

I was sent to an asthma clinic this week, where they did one (actually 3 because they would keep forgetting to mark my nipples). Results came straight away and the doc was reassuring me that apparently my chest was still inflamed because of the tail of two chest infections back to back.

But it takes forever to recover, i dont see it ending. He says i can breathe fine but i feel i cant breathe.

I hope you feeling better now :)

elanaoali in reply to Maikata

I presume it was ok. We had general talk last Thursday about how I was. However I was told by the radioist that it takes a week for it to come back. My doctor says he would get it back in two days. I am going back to doctors for my flu jab and going to ask. Thanks for the reminder. My chest is still sore at the end of the day. This is day 6 on Seretide. I think that this into the shows that my airways are inflamed. Still on the road to recovery. Speaking to my asthma nurse via phone on Wednesday. I am going away that day for over a week to visit parents and in laws

Good to know that you are closely monitored (as it seems)! Hope your results come out ok .

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