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Asthma film

Hi there,

I used to have quite bad asthma when i was younger, but fortunately it has gotten much better as i get older. I am working to create a few short films (internally) for healthcare professionals, to understand asthma more and help identify with their patients. I'm looking for people who have severe asthma, on medication to talk about their story and their daily struggles with it for a interview. (Paid!) Please let me know anyone that might be interested, it's for a good cause and would be at your own pace.

Thanks very much,

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I would love to hear more information about the film your making, I am 22 and at the peak of my asthma. It has been poorly controlled for years and I am in and out of hospital with my medication list forever growing.

Sharnee Joseph



Thanks for your message Sharnee, do you have an email address i could send some information to you?




Hi Sharnee, do you want to email me? it's thanks.


I'd be happy to help, but I'm not typical. Although I have severe allergic asthma and am on Xolair, I've never once been admitted to hospital for asthma attacks etc. For all that, though, I'm frequently very debilitated by my asthma, and on a bad day I can barely walk. Give me a shout if I can be of any help.


Thanks for your message, can i ask how old you are and are you based in London at all?



Hi, I'm 43 and I live in Essex, though I'm originally from Ireland. I travel to London every 4th Thursday for Xolair treatment in Guy's if that's any help.


Thank you, would you be able to email me and the i can tell you some more information on the film? It's

Thanks again,


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