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Chest Infections

I was born with asthma and now 50 years down the line it turned to chronic bronchial asthma or COPD. Chest infections every month followed by antibiotics every month. Felt better when on the antibiotics but after the course finished it was coming back again. 5ml of prednisolone every day for 30 years. The local Doctors had a meeting and decided i could have an antibiotic tablet (new one called Azithromycin) one tablet only three times per week.

Started this three months ago and since then have had a massive improvement to my life in every way. No chest infections, sleeping much better, getting around fine. Roll on 2016! things are looking up at long last.

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Hi Tonypne its great to have some good news to read. Keep well ;-)


thank you thought it might encourage people not to give up and keep pestering their GP's !


Great news & good to hear :)


thank you very muchly


I'm so pleased for you. Keep well and happy



Sorry Im late replying I've not been on for a few days. I'm really pleased things are looking up for you.

I hope you don't mind me asking but i have a very similar history of 40 years of asthma. For the last year things have deteriorated with one chest infection after another. My gp thinks it's copd but i cannot stay off the steroids long enough to have a spirometery test. Last time i saw a different gp who said that as my peak flow goes from 250 to 420 this shows reversibilty which proves i do not have copd! Do you have good reversibility in your peak flow readings?

Many thanks.



Hello it is confusing isnt it. I have the tests about once a year but i can never give a good reading, and they still do them even though i have prednisolone every day. My big problem was the chest infections - they came back a couple of days after i completed the course and then i had to get more so i was taking them at least once a month, sometimes more. I still tried to keep going as you do but it gets you down after a bit when things seem to get worse and it deffo is COPD which is a group name for several breathing problems. I pestered my doctor after i heard someone was taking a small doseage of antibiotics all the time. He promised he would bring it up at the weekly Doctors meeting but kept forgetting and then after 3 months i got a phone call from him. He put me on just one tablet 3 times a week (antibiotic) and its stopped the infections and i sleep really well now, coughing stopped almost and no coughing that horrible yellow stuff up all the time. no need for any other antibiotics up to now and its 3 months into the new treatment.

they are called Azithromycin. if you need to know anything or chat please get in touch. take care xxx

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Thank you. Take care Tony x


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