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Hiya everyone..this is my first post..my daughter has had asthma since at least 2 years old..Doc called it acute asthma.. Then cough..then just asthma.. Lol.. She eleven now..and needs a brown and green inhalers.. And blue for exercise or triggers.. Mostly cold air and colds and virus..I looking for some advice.. My daughter got the nasal spray for the 3Rd year..which seems to cause a flare in her asthma.. which she won't be getting again..I'll be asking for the jag..As it has brought on her chronic constant cough and flu symptoms.. I've gave her all the medication I can.. Is there anything else I can do.. She is a bit breathless.. Mostly down to the relentless coughing.. And I've seen her worse.. but I don't want it get any worse ..x

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  • The nature of asthma is that we all get flare-up ('attacks') from time to time, no matter how well managed our asthma is, so it may be that the weather, a virus or the nasal spray might have been a trigger.

    Does she have a management plan? Don't do this without speaking to a doctor first, but it may be that for a short while she needs to increase the dose of her preventer inhaler.

    The relentless cough might be asthma but of course it might just be a virus either. Have you been taking peak flow reading (I think she would be old enough at 11) to see if they are reduced? That might help give you a clue what the cough is.

    I hope she soon feels better anyway.

  • I used the management plan for last few days and her peak flow is ranging from normal to below normal.. X I suppose I just frustrated for her..and even though she has her chanellages with asthma.. as soon as September comes..it like boom were bk to square one.. But I definitely think it's the nasal spray..told this to doctor that last year..after the same thing happened.. She ended up on steriods with chest infection and abiotic.... But I won't be fob off next year..Sorry for rant..I'm just gonna worry about her now til I get her to doc in morning.. If not sooner.. X

  • How did you get on at the doctors? Did they offer any suggestions?

    I guess if you think it's the nasal spray the logical thing is to stop using it for a while & see if it affects her symptoms (assuming that's safe to do).

  • Hiya.. It was the nasal flu vaccine.. So I dont need to worry about it again till next year.. But I won't be letting her get it again.. I used her management plan.. And it seemed to have settled.. Thank goodness.. X

  • I gather from a conversation on Facebook that the nasal version is actually a weakened live virus and should not be offered to those who are seriously immunocompromised. The friend who started the post has a twelve year old son (not an asthmatic) who couldn't have the nasal spray this year (I thought because of his age, but having checked it turns out that he doesn't qualify for a free flu innoculation at all post 11). I don't know how severe your daughter's asthma is, but if the nasal spray is live (albeit weakened) it might explain the problem she seems to be having with it.

  • Yeah that's what I was thinking.. My daughter asthma is like many other hard to predict..shes on dark brown/ green inhaler everyday..has been since she was 5..before it was only a light brown one which never worked..but even now medication sometimes works.. But other times not so much..she been having a flu vaccine of some for since she was four..because when ever she get ill always affect her chest/breathing..if I have to fight for a jag next year I will.. XThanks for ur reply

  • Hi hope your daughter is doing better - we don't give any of ours the flu nasal spray because 2 have egg allergies and 1 is asthmatic so we were told by gp the nasal spray is unsuitable for them. x

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