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Hi everyone hope u all doing well me not to bad tonight but it's a long night ahead not looking forward to it . Had bad day breathing not been great and had lots of tears for some reason cried at everything not like me think it's starting to get to me a bit now had new drip put back in after 6th attempt just hope this one lasts till nonfat when it can cone out to go home Tuesday or Wednesday well that's my rant over so I bid u all a good nights sleep and will talk tomorrow off to catch some dreams I hope good night

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Steroids always do that to me. Glad I just took the last dose today. You have had a rotten time of it lately. Hope you start to feel better soon. Take care.

Tracey1972 in reply to Rayswife

Hi yea there horrid things not looking forward to sleeping don't like nights find them hard either don't sleep because I can't or because I can't breathe hope to have a better night everyone says how brave I am but I'm not not really this time I've been a bit scared but don't like to show it in front of people especially my children it's hard had lots tears today all day take care of urself and have a good night x

Bless you! Xoxoxoxox

I'm so sorry you are not feeling too great and I hope you sleep tonight so you can escape for a little while . Gentle hugs x

Tracey1972 in reply to Matrix

Hi I wish I could but the ward I'm in everyone coughing full of old ladies and they shouting in there sleep last night the one next to me got out of her bed and knocked water from her hug over the floor and nearly hit me with it so I don't think I'm going to have a good one she's started already tonight I'm going to pull th curtains around me and hide lol roll on next week I say couldn't come quick enough and Hank u for the hugs I need them today all the crying I have done for no reason hugs back x

Rayswife in reply to Tracey1972

I wrote a poem about one of the patients i was in with! Safest way to vent my feelings! Hope tonight is not too dreadful. Hugs.

Have you got some ear plugs?

well not ear plugs but MP3 player turns up nice and loud lol

Sit is an impossible situation isn't it? I know.

Love and hugs



My darling you are in hospital

away from all the peeps you love and your not very well , I think crying is a good option don't worry about that . We all have so much to cope with on a day to day basis . I can never sleep in hospital it's so noisy and if you are in with ladies who are confused well you are not going to get rest . Take care rest as much as you can , next week will come soon enough . Sending another gentle hug x

Steroids can do that. They are the devils tic tacs.

Yea I feel like elephant lady lol swollen everywhere

Hope our little chats help and your feeling better x

Hi yea they do thank u nice to speak to people that understand what we go through together and nice to know how their people r out there x

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