Not posted a lot recently as been back to University Hospital of South Manchester to the Aspergillosis Clinic on Friday and then today my niece and her Mum treated me to a spa day as my "hen do" . Getting panicky now as only 2 weeks to go and so much to do! HELP!

Had a great swim in the pool at the spa so my breathing is good. If I could get to a swimming pool like that I would swim more often just the three of us there today and the air was clear of chlorine. Did 4 lengths - really good for me and the hot tub was amazing. So surprised that my breathing was OK especially as my inhalers have been changed.

Will hopefully get back into the swing of things tomorrow and start answering posts and catching up on notifications from the last 3/4 days.

Hope you are all having a great weekend - despite the weather.

Love and hugs



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  • Glad your back , been missed ♥♥♥

  • Thank you.

  • Sounds like a lovely hen do! Hope all prep is going well for the big day, congrats by the way! Glad breathing behaved for you.

    The weather is terrible and we braved a shopping centre today, to stay warm dry and not windswept, but it was full of crazy shoppers and children running riot, I'm not the most steady on my feet so this is a bug bear when children send me flying!

    Hope the weather isn't dampening your weather

    L xx

  • Excuse me Freefaller just wanted to say I love wedding cake !! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Oh no posted a reply and it got lost! Things going well but only 2 weeks to go and a lot to do. away again next weekend. So time is short. Got to get my skates on. Got to burn a CD with the music and get that to the Register Office for them to test and do order of ceremony. Then make crackers for the table. Got to go out to the reception hall and discuss preparations with them and then on the day before go out and decorate the room. All my friends are busy that evening so it will be me on my own! Well, should sleep OK that night! Oh also got to clear the spare bedroom so that the best man and his partner can get in there too.

    That is along with all the usual housework and cooking. A woman's work is never done eh?

    Hope the shopping trip wasn't too bad an experience for you? It can be both trying and tiring but lovely to look T all the nice things.

    Take care



  • You are correct there a women's work is never done!

    I honestly think I'd go crazy sorting out a wedding! I'm a list person so I would have lists over the place. I will keep my fingers crossed the next few weeks of prep go smoothly.

    It was rather nice to have a wander. I got tired quite quickly though. Still fighting this sinus stuff going on.


  • Oh I do have lists everywhere. Keep forgetting to put stuff in and think of them in the wee small hours. Then things go wrong and put me back. Like yesterday, found that the bank were still not taking the payments to their own credit card at the right time if at all. I always pay off the whole amount but noticed they hadn't taken s payment back in September so made an ad hoc payment. It happened again in October so did the same and now it happens in November. These payments are shown up going out of my current account but not showing in credit card account. They have given me reasons or excuses but I shall just have to wait and see.

    Glad the shopping trip went well. Take things easy while you are fighting the sinus infection.

    Love and hugs



  • Hope all went well with the wedding and your enjoying married life.

    Sounds like the bank where causing you a real hard time hope you got it sorted, stress not needed hey!

    L xx

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