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Positive thinking

I posted last night but it must still be floating around the universe. Although me and technology are not exactly compatible :-) Hands up those who are fen up with asthma (and copd in my case). I know I am. Maybe we'll feel better if we think posiitive, instead of what we can't do think what we can do. Its not easy( but then nothing is easy with asthma). Just do something that makes us feel we achieved something by the end of each day. Don't let asthma make us feel useless. It doesn't have to be much. I'm starting with upping my water intake. I do drink during the day but not plain water. I'm aiming to have 8 glasses today. Already had 3. Happy Monday everyone. Think positive:-)

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I am about to celebrate half a century of being fed up with it. Perhaps I should organise a party :D

I like the idea of increasing fluid intake so am headed down to the off-licence this very minute. I wonder if I can squeeze in 8 pints a day?

More seriously I know what you mean. I've been struggling a bit these last few days & don't even know any more if it's asthma, COPD or something else & this last year or two has been very hard as I have struggled to come to terms with a significant deterioration.

I think you are 100% right that thinking your way out of it should be a really important part of anybody's management plan but it isn't always the easiest thing to do. Keep up the positivity though & if you find you have spare keep sharing it :)

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Yep it gets tough now I croak and puff. Wondered if I could get a job doing heavy breathing on the phone , or I could take the place of canaries in the pits as the slightest change in air quality and I croak but whenever I go anywhere and have to speak people become very kind and concerned as I sound awful but it does not hurt magic :-):-)

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Positive thinking never does any harm and certainly is a good thing if it gets you to be well hydrated, and the extra exercise back and forward to the loo is good too. ;-)


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