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Conflicted feelings

So I posted a whinge here last week after winding up in A&E so I apologise for doing it again!

Was in A&E again today after ringing the gps surgery and being told just to go straight there.

Usual straight into resus; bloods, X-rays, back to back Nebs, once the peak flow is nearer my higher score I get discharged. I'm already wheezy again and my peak flow has dropped to 200 (it's 350ish at its best and was 120 when I got there this morning so im happy it's not down there)

Don't get me wrong I hate staying in hospital with a passion(who doesn't) I spend most of my time asking when I can leave when I'm in there, but I'm so desperate to break this constant cycle when I got home I felt kind of deflated. Like I just want someone to give me something that helps. I don't want to be a drama queen but I don't know what to do anymore. i feel like I can't carry on with this without loosing my mind.

They did check I use my spacer correctly though which happily I do so at least I know I'm doing something right :)

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That is really frustrating for you and just making you bounce in and out. Do you ever get kept in overnight for observation after being in RESUS? If I don't go to RESUS then I can be discharged after 4 hours observation but if go to RESUS then I do tend to get kept in overnight or 24 hours just to make sure it all settled as it can flare up again which it sounds like yours is doing and probably needs more treatment than just nebs to give you some longer lasting benefits.

DO you see a consultant or have an asthma nurse you could chat to about it and see if you can get a better plan for when you have attacks to make everything more stable after them?



Yeah I see a consultant at my local hospital, and last time I saw my surgerys asthma nurse she said she couldn't do anything because of everything he has me on she wouldn't want to interfere. (Those weren't her exact words but it was the jist)

I'm on 40mg of preds montelukast, qvar, fostair, and spiriva. (Well that's my latest cocktail) as well as ventolin.

Usually I am kept in over night but the last 2 times I haven't been. i was happy to be in my home but at the same time I kind of thought it was a bit quick, esp as this time I wasn't even kept for 4 hours after my last neb (I had 5).

I know they aren't miracle workers but I am frustrated no one seems to know what to do


Have you ever tried theophylline? You might have had the IV version aminophylline when in hospital. This is the oral version taken twice a day as a modified release tablet. It has some funny side effects to start and you need to get the right dosage for you as everyone different but its pretty good might be worth a try to help a bit.

Asthma nurses at GP's will always say they are not doing anything as often if your under a consultant sometimes the doses of things can be odd etc so they just leave the consultant to change stuff and the nurses will just monitor!!!


Omg I feel like you after any visit to our wonderful medical profession. Albeit gp, consultant or a & e. I just really believe no doctor can actually understand every individual asthma patient. We suffer inside - not just according to their tick list. My peak flow is constantly under 120. In hospital You lie on a bed for many hours or even days with your treasured nebuliser to hand. Only really need to get up to pee - they bring you your meals - then send you home. By the time you've got down stairs, outside to a car, got home, washed yourself and your dirty clothes your back down again, wheezing returned and knackered once again.

Haha. Sorry Im terrible when I get started.

Hope your feeling a bit bettrr tho in yourself.

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Hi cconsta1,

Try Googling vitamin D,

Being low or having a vitamin D deficiency is linked to Asthma.

Hubby has had Asthma since childhood, he has had many serious episodes, nebulizers not working and emergency hospital visits.

Several weeks ago, unknown to me, he gave up his symbicort inhaler as he realized it might be connected to his painful night cramps, (known side effects,) he had been taking vitamin D3 for around a year and several months ago started taking vitamin A (along with a few others.) His violent cramps stopped immediately, once he stopped using his inhaler. He now says he feels he no longer needs his inhaler and has only used his blue rescue inhaler once.

NOT saying anyone should give up using their inhaler, that would be stupid and dangerous, but Hubby's situation has to be connected to the vitamin D (and probably the vitamin A,) he is taking.

Vitamin D helps inflammation of the lungs (apparently)

Vitamin A is known to help create new lung air sacs (Alveoli,) retinoic acid apparently 'can' help reverse lung damage.

Not good with links but do google then search for 'Vitamin cure for Emphasema,'

Not saying Emphasema is Asthma, but I have also read it can also help people with COPD.

Another family member with mild COPD, taking vitamin D3 + vitamin A, now, no longer struggles with breathing like before.

Not saying it will cure everyone, or anyone else, but I am sure it is down to vitamins that have helped my family members.


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