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Still exhausted

I was in hospital a week ago Sunday following an asthma attack and admission by ambulance, my steroids were put up again and I prodded my way through the last week but I'm still exhausted and not sleeping . My chest is feeling tight at times but getting easier. Why do I still feel meh ?

Why can't my body just rest?

Feeling fed up with it to be honest .

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Hey you have just been to hell and back of course you feel meh be a bit more gentle with yourself feet up cuppa choccy bicky telly and just take your time. So glad your home again I will stop nagging you now ♥♥♥


Thanks, I get frustrated with it. Supposed to be starting a new medicine on Friday in hospital- worried because my steroids have been put up they won't start them, gp says my immunity might be too suppressed now - maybe that's why I'm not sleeping - worry !

Thanks though - I will will eat those biscuits and try to rest xxx


Hi it took me 3/4 weeks to get over my last Asthma attack. I was in hospital for 5 days and then home for 2 weeks. When I started back at work it was only on short days for another week. I am only now feeling better, with more energy and it's six weeks since

The attack. So rest up while you can!!!


Glad your starting to feel better x


I think it was a few days away in a caravan , damp nights and early mornings - I thought I was ok but clearly not- hospital today - will I or won't I be able to start new meds and finally be able to wean off my everlasting steroids - fingers crossed x

Hope you continue to improve x


If you've finished your steroids pop back to your doctor because they might give you something else or more or just some advice :)

I was in hospital for 6 days a few weeks ago. Maybe it's something to do with this time of year..?


If your immune system is compromised, by long tern steroid use, as mine is, a permanent course of an antibiotic, called Azithromycin may help. One Monday, Wednesday and Friday, will help in protecting against infections.

I was on them for many years, untill developed Psudeomonas, which not effective against.

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Sorry to hear you are not well. I was admitted last wednesday with asthma attack number 33 in 18 months. (I have brittle asthma) i had increased steroids, iv aminophillin, lots of nebs, the usual. I am also feelng exhausted and extremly tired. And also tight chested.

My asthma team tells me it takes three months to get over an asthma attack and all of the above are natural feelngs. The high dose of steroids can make you feel restlesss, and i also get muscle spasms.

I hope you feel better very soon.



Thanks for all your comments , I too have brittle asthma - and I'm on list of meds too including antibiotics, steroids etc etc - sometimes it's nice to hear your not alone xx take care everyone - it is that time of year ! X

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