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Advice needed

I have suffered asthma since a young age, the last couple years it has got worse and worse by the day, now im having to take my pump as soon as i get up and constantly throughout the day aswell as taking my preventative. Nothing seems to work and have been to thw doctors numerous times, is there anything i can do to help me to start breathing probably again. ??

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I'm so sorry that you are having a bad time with your asthma.

Have you been referred to a hospital respiratory team?


No i havent, the doctors just seem to fob me off all the time, i dont have to do anything and i get short of breath,


Have you tried seeing another doctor at your GP surgery? You might get better care.


First make sure you actually breathe correctly.

It's called 'Diaphragm breathing'

- breathe in through your nose & fill your lungs completely

- Breathe out with lips pursed using tummy muscles to push ALL of the air out

- this technique I use for playing the harmonica

- force all air out from the bottom of the lungs, even though you will be wheezing

This is a yoga technique and should be practiced till it becomes intrinsic in your life

Then you can learn to play the harmonica 😎🎩


I think you need to go back to your GP and ask to see an asthma nurse, they have more up to date knowledge of treatments and may just have to tweak your medication, maybe you phone your surgery and ask if they have an asthma nurse you can see. If not see a different doctor. If all else fails and you really feeling unwell go to A&E


Asthma nurses are useless in my opinion

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Thanks for all advice, think a trip back to doctors is needed, i do everytging right, as having asthma since being very young ive learnt to deal with it and control it but lately ita just getting worse, doesnt help im always ill full of cold and chest infections


I've had asthma for almost all my life, too (I'm now 30) and have been much better since I changed my diet about 18 months ago. I used to eat the normal western diet, lots of cereal, sandwiches, chips, chocolate, etc. Now I focus on low-carb whole foods, and keep sugar to an absolute minimum. I also drink a lot of water. It has done wonders for me - I've lost a lot of weight and even took up running.

There's loads of information out there about this way of eating, and anti-inflammatory foods. Google low carb or LCHF... or just try keeping count of how many grams of sugar you're consuming per day and see if that makes a difference to you to reduce it.

And of course, as others have suggested, do go back to your GP and try to see someone else. If it takes a while to get an appointment, you can always call 111 and speak to someone who can give you advice to help in the interim.

Hope you feel better soon!


has your inhaler technique and inhalers been reviewed lately?


Yes, was only three weeks ago, its weird as i always seem to get 550 on the peak flow, the nurse said ahe just cant figure out why i get like it,


If I were you I would ask to see a consultant chest specialist.

Good Luck



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Some other options could be: inhaler need changing? ask for eosinophil blood test? do you suffer from hay fever - if so, are you taking antihistamines? if not settling and all ok, then your gp might want to refer you to a respiratory specialist.


Hi Rand. I am new here but not new to your issue. I am 68 and have had Asthma all my life. Diagnosed with emphysema and COPD a few years ago. Then in 2005 I found i had lung cancer but was lucky and got away with surgery and a partial lobectomy (partial lung removal) So in my not so humble opinion if you are short of breath at rest you must seek new advice, a new Doctor & evaluation to me is a must. I am not clear what medications you are on but something needs changed and/or you need a new evaluation of your condition. But there are some awesome medications out there but it gets difficult sometimes to get the correct combination, heck I am still on the look out. I take Symbicort, followed by Spiriva, then 2 hours later I start my 4 times a day Albuterol Nebulizer. I also take Singular (Montelukast) and a daily 10mg dose of allergy pill. I use my HFA rescue inhaler when needed. Not sure that helped but I hope it did something for you.


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