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Travelling with brittle asthma

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I'm a brittle asthmatic and I also have bronchiectasis. I've got home nebs and am steroid-dependent. I'm still managing to work part-time but I have to travel a lot. My asthma has been getting a lot worse and it tends to go off incredibly fast e.g. I can go from feeling fine to sats in the 80s in minutes. I'm lucky enough to live in an area where a hospital is never more than 10 minutes away and ambulances come within minutes, although even then I'm often not very with it by the time they arrive and I always end up in ITU or HDU, even when I'm on 50mg of pred and antibs. However, I'm worried about what could happen if I get caught on a train or between cities. Does anybody have any ideas of medical stuff I could do while waiting for an ambulance? Does anybody have portable O2 for this sort of situation? I already have a portable nebuliser which I use until the paramedics arrive.

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Hi Salamander,

I don't need this, but I do know someone who does although she has it for a different medical condition. When she was first given it the person who came along to explain to her how to operate the equipment explained some of the dos and don'ts, including the fact that if she travelled with it in the car, she had to display a warning sign that she was carrying it in the window. You might want to look up the BLF (British Lung Foundation) website; apparently they have information on traveling with O2.

Hope this helps.


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