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Hi newbie here x

Hi....hope everyone is well this beautiful morning.....only just registered lol and if ok i'll jump straight in with a question. ....have had a nosey on Internet but thought I could as peeps experiences better.....basically I got lose around 5/6 stones....which I know I gotta lose for every health benefit as then I'd be super fit lol. my asthma is pretty bob on and well wondering as the weight disappears will I acrually see a significant improvement. ...sorry to loads of sorty lol....thank youuuuuu x

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sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings (and i'm probably a total oddity in this situation!!) as i lost weight my asthma became less controlled. I lost 5 stone in total but had to take my inhaler more often. I have no idea on the physiological reason for this and as i say i'm probably odd but just be aware that drastic weight loss may have other less desirable effects too :-(

I hope you do well and i hope your asthma stays nice and controlled for you as you lose weight :-)


That's interesting Jinglfairy. Was the actual weight loss to blame, do you think, or the method you used to shift the pounds?


tbh I don't know Maggie, i think it may have been a combination of both.

My main weight loss tool so i thought was Slimming World but i did also increase my exercise. I also didn't really think about the asthma at the time, it was only afterwards i realised i probably should've gone to see a dr or nurse. Another thing was that i got an awful lot of colds during that period too and i was having lots of trouble losing my voice on a very regular basis - the slightest hint of a cold or asthma and the voice would disapear. I think losing lots of weight knocked my immune system out of whack and a singing teacher colleague said the voice problem was probably connected as well cos vocal cords are muscle and when you lose weight you don't just lose fat your muscle structure adjusts as well


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