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Prescribed Inhaler. Does that mean i have Asthma?

Hi All,

I had a fever and cold on February. Two weeks later cough get started. Its bad hacking dry cough which lasts around four weeks. I went to GP at fifth weeks. He checked and said you having viral infection because my throat was red. He asked to try steamer. I did but doesn't seems to helping but slight better. 10 days later i went to GP again she checked all and said all seems ok. Also my throat wasn't red at that time. Asked me to try inhaler for a month. Does that mean i have asthma?

I am very afraid to take inhaler.

The thing is cough got lot better now with out inhaler. But still there is tickling cough few times a day and night. There is no cough while sleep.

How i am feeling now is

I have dry tickling cough which is not heavy two or three times a hour/2 hour.

Low Grade fever sometimes and feeling tired.

I am not sure what to do. Is it viral infection or CVA asthma?

I am taking steamer. Do i want to continue it or need to take inhaler?

Please help me. I am really stressed.

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Hi Coolstuff, I've suffered from a persistent cough and tight chest for months, although not originating from a cold, but went to the Drs who trialled me on the blue salbutamol inhaler. For me it worked very well, although I have since also been prescribed the preventer inhaler as well, and my cough and chest is so much better, only flares up when I'm near a trigger and the inhaler is literally like a breath of fresh air for me. I was told by the asthma nurse that if the inhaler works it is asthma, if not then it is likely something else. She said mine definitely is.

As I'm not a Dr I can't say if you will be the same but if you have concerns go back to your doctors and ask them about the inhaler so they can explain why they prescribed it, how it works, etc. if it doesn't work for you then keep going back until they can find the cause. I'm also booked in for a reversible airway test to confirm diagnosis which tests if the blue inhaler does help the airways so perhaps you could also ask them about that too (I'm having it to prove to family as they are sceptical and don't believe asthma can develop in adults - it definitely can!)

It can be a scary time suddenly being diagnosed with asthma as an adult but the way I look at it is being diagnosed and having the inhalers has made me so much better than I have been for months and now I know what it is and can treat it that is a good thing. I've also found booking an appointment with the asthma nurse helped loads as she had a lot of time for my questions and made me feel reassured.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


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