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Not sure if I have problem or not

I have, in recent weeks had some really bad coughing fits, which leave me exhausted.

I was diagnosed with mild asthma two years ago and prescribed a relieving inhaler.

I have had no follow up. I have used the inhaler for tight chest symptoms and a general feeling of struggling to get breath

occasionally since then. Recently, I have had spasms of coughing during the day only, which prevent me from speaking

and are bad enough to hurt my throat and leave me exhausted, needing to sit for a while to recover.

I do not know if this is asthma related or just perhaps a virus. This has been happening intermittently for several weeks.

Domestic sprays make me cough, but these spasm seem unconnected to my environment. They sometimes happen if I talk to much

on the phone. I have a persistent itching in my windpipe when I breathe out.

Is anyone familiar with this situation, or can offer advice please. I don't want to take up my Drs time with something trivial or transient.

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If you're having symptoms like that and your reliever inhaler isn't working you need to see your GP. It might be a virus, but then again it might be asthma, and asthma (even if it is only suspected) is not trivial - your doctor will know that.


Butterfly 1950 I started exactly like you last may had mild asthma and needed an inhaler if I got a chest infection It hit me like a bombshell terrible spasm coughing that didn't stop till I retched but quiet as a lamb at night thank goodness I was able to sleep. Since then I have been given stronger inhalers 3 to take now, also Omneprazole for heartburn as this can make you cough, other drugs in tablet form and a year later the spasm cough is better but I still have an unpleasant cough everyday, I hope you don't have the same it has really spoilt my way of living I had twin grandchildren born last May and they have only ever known me coughing I am waiting to see a specialist in May but don't have much confidence in him, I am 64 and have been told they it is at the age when the asthma can step up a notch


Thank you for your replies. It is intermittent with me, but I think I will discuss with my GP.


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