How long should prednisolone take to improve symptoms


I was admitted to hospital on 2nd March with an asthma attack. Discharged with 40mg prednisolone for 7 days, then tapering down at a reduction of 5mg for 3 days at a time. On Monday I returned to work and started with yet another chest infection. Started antibiotics straight away and GP increased steroids to 20mg. On Thursday peak flow had dropped to same as when admitted to hospital. Pred up to 40mg a day. Peak flow is still same and I feel short of breath. Hubby says it takes time but I don't think it's take this long to improve before. Not sure what's best to do.


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  • Hi Esca,

    Sounds like you need to get checked out in A&E or GP out of hours promptly. Do you have a written asthma action plan from when you were last in hospital.

    The doctors told me there should be an improvement by the time you've had two doses of steroids so if your peak flow is still low, you probably need checked out. They might want to keep an eye on you again.

    Hope you're better soon!

  • Hi Miss S

    I ended up going to A&E - turns out the antibiotics I was prescribed hadn't shifted the infection. Fortunately everything else was ok this time so ended up going home with new antibiotics. Saw my own GP yesterday and we are continuing with the ED Dr plan.


  • Hi Esca,

    I'm glad you got checked out. Hope things improve with the new antibiotics :)

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