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So frustrating

I've asthma for many years. By and large it used to be very well controlled.

Since before Christmas it's been one episode after another.

Struggled over Christmas. Saw gp increased long term preventer.

Now I'm on my second round of prednisilone.

Double dose seretide and still a fair bit of ventolin.

I'm started to get really unnerved by this.

Finding it hard to get to grips with how unpleasant it is when the asthma flares up.

Been signed off work for a week. And back to see gp next week.

Only recently it's gone out of whack, and it's all a bit scary . I don't mean necessarily when the breathings bad, but in general.

I guess it's realising on a personal level, just how serious it can be.

Taking time to adjust.

And I can't sleep. I lay down and then the breathing etc gets bad. Use lots of ventolin, but then I'm wide awake.

It's all frustrating and exhausting

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